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This write may not directly answer your questions on the above raised subject, but it provides some necessary tools with which you can conclude on your own the actual fact.
Possible outcome of a matter is never decided by virtue of its pronounced effects. All the same as we enter into this matter, you should bear in your mind that a coin has two sides, so also is every issue that one might look into. And again, taking a direct a step into a situation is possibly to determine the weight of this side, positive, and comparing it to the other side, negative.
The subject is change. Consider these statements, “change is the only thing permanent”, “change is constant”, these among many other statements are made on daily basis as regarding to change. But then, what is this change. Change could be seen as the direct effect which is visible and noticeable on anything or anybody that has received a direct influence from its environment externally or internally. It is that effect that is noticed due to influence. Taking for instance, a state moving from military to civilian rule. It is a change which might be due to the fact that the masses, the governed, feel that the military has not done well in discharging their functions to the state or this might be due to external influence from other countries.
There is also change when a baby grows up to become a man. At birth, he has no teeth and he neither sees nor talks. Change! It is a transition from one level to another. Now, we have been able to establish the fact that changes could be noticed and are visible to all. Talking about changes we see globally, how then has it affected humanity, negatively or positively?
Let’s take a list
a.       The ozone layer is seen been depleted by the actions of man and other factor. This depletion was not witnessed for the past three thousand years, but of recent. That means the ozone has gone out of its original state.
b.      Many countries changed from right hand driving to left hand driving
c.       Many states changed from military to civil rule.
d.      Communications was transformed from smoke signal to electromagnetic signals.
e.      Many states are seen adopting the one party system to multi party system politically.
f.        There is a change from the original definition of marriage to newly adopted one.
g.       There is a change in the method of payments for items and goods bought.
The list might be endless and you will want to ask, “Among all these changes listed, where do we classify each, positive or negative?”

Revisit and grab a touch light.

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