Monday, 25 June 2018

The Only Two Kinds of Customers a Salesman Will Ever Meet

Hy everyone. We are almost at the end of the middle month, June. You have of a truth gone through one or two things within this period and I believe they have helped you get a little closer to your dreams.
Today I just want to do a quick post about the Salesman. A salesman sells services and/or goods/products. He expects to make some huge profits. At the center of selling goods and services, lies a man that has the success and downfall of a salesman at his fingertips. The happiness of a salesman almost depends on him but his continuous happiness will depend on how he (Salesman) treats him. He is called The Customer.

Today I just want to reveal to every salesman, in our language, every businessman, the two kinds of customers that grace your outfit for your product or services. The thing is most people do not give a closer attention to the kind of persons that patronize their businesses. They are always concerned about the returns they get. This set of individuals is not bothered about the utmost satisfaction of their customers. They feel they don't owe the customer more than the goods or services they are going to render to them.
This is why many businesses fail, because care and attention is not giving to ascertain and give the required attention to the different kinds of customers they receive on daily basis. Without wasting any much time, I will discuss the two kinds of customers below.

The Loyal Customers
These sets of customers have tested your goods and services and can attest to your credibility and efficiency in your services delivery. They come once and feel like you are the best in the whole world and so, they keep coming all the times. First, you need to understand that these kinds of customers are hard to come by. Basically, they are ones that have used your services not once or twice but many times and can avouched to the goodness of your deliveries.

These sets of customers are gotten by constant assurance and good marketing skill. They approached your service outlet for the first time and with your great customer approach you woo them into 'first service purchase'. You make your offer as mouth watering as you can and try your best to deliver to the latter all you've convinced them to believe (Even when you know you might not keep to the standard for ever). Change can happen! It isn't bad for a latter time.

When you have made good your offers, they are forced to stick to purchasing your service and might become a good agent of referral for your business. They stick with your service as long as you keep giving them a quality service. They are loyal!

The 'no option' Customers
If you happen to have this set of customers as your major service buyers, my friend your business will fold in no time. These sets of customers are ones that don't have option or alternatives but are forced against their wills to buy a particular service from you. This is not because you are giving them a good service. This is because the availability of the service they are looking for elsewhere is limited or not available. They are the type of persons that wake up in the morning praying that someone who knows that type of service they get from you will knock on their doors with a better option. And when that does happen, they leave your outfit with immediate alacrity and bam, your business is down in a twinkling of an eye.

Let's say for instance, A cooks. She is a food vendor down the street and at the moment she is the only one. Your type of work will not give you the luxury to get food items from the market and prepare something for yourself. You are forced to buy food some certain time from her. But you have discovered that the food is not 'nice'. You wish to buy from another food vendor but you discover that there is none. You will have no option but to keep buying from her while praying that someone will realize your plight and come to your rescue by starting that type of business around the street. When that happens, with the speed of light, you will switch immediately to this new vendor for your satisfaction.

In Africa, especially Nigeria, when this happens, people are fast to cast aspersions on the new person as having done some diabolical and ocultic ceremonies just to get customers while the older person will not sit down to think about what she has been doing wrong.

Am sure every business man will want to have loyal customers. They are gotten by good service delivery. A salesman can have loyal customers by been the best in what he does. First, realize that you are not the only one offering that type of service to the public. When you realize that, then let there be a constant effort to improve in what you do. Seek advice, set new standards and continually try to beat the competition because if you don't, someone who is knowledgeable and willing to make changes will take over your business and at this point, Satan will have no blame whatsoever.

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Happy Soaring!

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