Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Maximizing 'The One'

This piece might be a bit lengthy but I promise you a nice read and you will be glad you did!
When Charles Babbage and Alan Turing were trying to conceive the 'computer idea', I think what was in their mind was something like:
1. Something that could make work easier
2. Something that could multi-task
3. Something that could establish an outcome very easily, very fast and accurately and other reasons we at this time might try to conceive.

At the end of the day, taking a closer look at the modern computers we have now, I believe the idea has been fruitful. We now have computers that compute figures (even much heavy figures) easily and fast.
We can also work on the computer on different things at the same time, like, communicate with other users on a network while working on a project on MS-word or on the internet, wanting to search for informations but you must download a video of about 10gb. You start the download and close or start another page to search for your informations.
But again, there are computers that cannot multitask at same time, I.e. you must do one thing at a time. Such computers could be our everly useful calculators or the wrist watch.
So many things are responsible for these limitations on a selected computers and they are not in any way lesser than what a computer is. And as well they were not built by chance or accident but by purpose to serve a specific function.

The Bible in Matthew the twenty fifth chapter and verses forteen through twenty nine has a human application to what I have earlier explained about the computer. Been a curios reader of that holy book will prompt you to observe a line that I shall highlight. It is in verse number fifteen and in the middle of it, " every man according to his several ability..."
The story reveals that three persons were called and talents were delivered them. To each one of, a distinct and different amount of talents was awarded to them. Another thing I found there was the fact that the master never give them any specific instruction as to When, How and Where to trade the talents, but they were left to themselve to decide but to make sure that they were not idle when the master returns.

The story tells what happened at the end of the day. But there are salient facts that I think is worth considering:
1. You are different from every other person. Like the master of those servants did in given each one of them a specific number of but not same talents depicts that they weren't same. They are human beings quit sure with a totally different 'built in' characters. So there was no way they are going to receive the same measure of goods/talents.
Like the computer I explained earlier, they make work easier, produce results faster but not all computers produces hard form of result and not all can perform two function at a time. We see lots of people each day living with what I call delusionary+imaginary regrets. They always see the good in others and wants to do that same thing they find in others despising 'The One' in them.

2. Everyone of Us is got talent(s). Whether it is with an 's' or not, we all have got talents in us. Oxford Dictionary tells us that talent means "A natural ability (built in) to do something well".
Like popular milk brand in Nigeria will say, "It's in you". In everyone like a natural ability to do a particaular thing well. It behooves on every human to find that thing in you that you can do well. You can sing well. You can write well. You can act well. You can teach well. You can 'care' well. Find it! It is in you.

3. The number of talents in you is measurable to your strength value. I don't subscribe to what people term "Jack of all trade, master of none". I might agree with "Jack of all trade" but not "master of none". Not possible! If you are master of none, means 1. you are idle 2. You are trying to copy other people's talents. The person that got five talents could have sat in his house with his talents and never out to maximize them, then I will refer to him as "Jack of all trade, master of none". So in essence, we could possess many talents in us as well as the ability to bbring all of them to light.

4. Wrong Choice leads to Eternal stagnacy and frustration. The person that was given one talent made a choice. He chose to bury the talent. At the end of the day he brought it out and gave it back. At that moment 'The One' that he had was taken and he had none, that means there was no beginning nor end for him again - he became stagnant. Because there was nothing he could start up with again. Instead of folding hands for bread and butter why not find your talent and use it. It will lead you out of frustration and poverty to success.

5. Like Ideas, Talents do not die but remain stagnant until used. He buried his talent but it never died because if it did it would not have been given to someone else. It means it was still alive. I believe everyone could rise from stagnancy if you rise to discover and utilise your talent instead of cursing The Giver of it after discovering it.
Frustrated guys are like, "Baba wait oh, Na just this one thing you give me? Ordinary to dey care for people".
By that you just despised your abiity to rise from small restaurant to building a five star hotel.

How to Maximize the One
1. The first thing is to discover it. Influence equals success and there is no way you can influence without nothing. Discover your talent, use it to influence and at that, you are riding on the wings of success. Search your inner self and find it out. You don't really need 21days dry fasting to do that. Sit tight on that chair, with a clean book in your front and on it, a flowing ink that could connect from you hand to your mind.
Then - peruse your mind!

2. Don't despise whatever talent you find in you. The Bible will say, 'let no man despise they YOUTH'. Youth in general sense is liveliness. It means beginning. Manhood is a step out from youth life. When you discover your talent, don't everly despise it because you are going against God's command. You are despising your youth and in this sense - Your beginning! Your talent when discovered is the beginning of you.

3. Seek to Influence. This is the practical aspect. You get it, then shun idleness! Find a place where your talent is going to sell and give all of you. You influence by been extraordinary. You can sing but there are thousands of musicians. How do you then command attention (Influence) by adding 'extra' to your music.

4. At start, Do Not Compare but Analyse and Focus! So many of us will find it and rush in to rush out almost immediately. This happens when you compare. There is something you must understand, Nobody has the right and Nobody can send you out of market but you. If you enter, you bring tension to existing marketters ( I mean those who have found there talents and using it) and at this point they will try to intimidate you to run but won't pursue you. You either brace up or act their indirect bidding. But when you stand strong and gain your ground by means of Influencing them they will seek to attach themselves to you - because Success has many friends.

5. Seek the Giver at All Times. The giver is greater than his gifts and know more about his gifts. Don't try to stand out alone without God!
It is in us! Seek it out and use it and at the end of the day our planet will be a better place.


Happy Soaring!!!

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