Saturday, 4 February 2017

Blogging; The Intrigues!

Blogging as an act of sharing information on the internet through different platforms has eased writers the stress of going to the printing press to have their daily, weekly or monthly journals published. Internet blogging has helped individuals garner a wider readership worldwide without spending much or nothing at all. And this applies specially to those who have the flare for writing. Though writing is an art that could be acquired, nurtured and developed but still there are those who find writing as a normal routine, a part of their life and they find writing and blogging 'exceptionally easy'.

By age thirteen, I have written three books. A journal titled 'See the World', analyzing my environment as I see it and the two other were stories. The worst, they never saw the light of the day. Then 2012, I heard about blogging through a social media platform. Then I quickly grabbed my pen and scribbled the web address Whatever SOARING and FLYING got to do with me, I don't know. I JUST FELT I COULD FLY!

Due to immaturity and all, it died as it was birthed. Later on, I got hold of a band new lappy. It spurred my writing passion once again. Within three months of handling the system, I had composed about twenty poems and four short stories. The process to bringing my writing to the world was once again cut short due to malware and malfunction. The only word was "TOTAL FORMAT". Then again, my writing was lost.
Fast forward to "13, I decided to enter internet by force, lolz. I went from different blogging platforms to the other.

I took hold on Tumblr and later dropped that.
I started off again with and then it wasn't sustainable.
Wordpress "invited" me too; then again I maneuvered my way out.
Then Google said, it could offer me everything I needed through Blogger.
I started once again. I soon found myself lost cause I found out that the invisible crowd was nothing comparable; too many bloggers with too many blogs everywhere. But still, I got to find out that "exceptionality" stood on his own and I could see him standing tall. I dared to pursue. Then my ever pregnancy for flying gave birth to The Alphasoars Blog.
I started blogging from then till date and the following is what I have found out about Internet Blogging:

*** Knowledge. Do you really know about blogging or because your friends or social media tells that blogging pays and without full consultation, you dive into it to crash soonest. The question is what do you know about blogging? I move from one blog to the other almost on daily basis, and I noticed that most of us don't know what blogging is all about. Most people are what we call 'follow, follow'. Doing it because A is doing it. Before you start, have the knowledge that blogging is where you share what interests you, where you give all of you, just like John Legend giving all of him.

*** Limited blogging. Some people in a bid to say 'am an educational blogger' or 'politics blogger' then they create a blog for education or politics but that's not the problem. The problem will come tomorrow when they start blogging from celebrity to lifestyle, education and religion combine and still their blog title tells us that "the house you are about to enter is just for education/politics/celebrity".
Why limit your space when you know you wouldn't continue on the chosen niche for a long time. Just tell us, "this space accommodates all".

*** Passion is overrated. This one is most bloggers national anthem. "I blog for passion". When you don't write because you lack what to write, how is that a passionate start up? Passion should keep you on top gear whenever you come online. Your readers will know it, " he's blogging his heart", they will say. Some bloggers have delved into this passion thingy and when it could no longer sustain their "morale" after shouting "morale high", they pack up. They just quit!

*** Time. No timetable is suitable for blogging. When you give yourself a timetable to do something you have passion for, you kill it. But you can moderate the amount of time you spend on it. And you ask 'Why?' Oh because, ideas for passion are spontaneous and if you have already drawn timetable for start and finish, you will in no time cut short your inspiration supply bank! When you get inspired about a topic you are passionate about to write for a long time with ideas flowing in and then you are not at your "timetable" at that moment, you just brush the ideas aside. And doing that, you slowly begin to lose interest since ideas may not be coming when you want it to.

I will discuss timing in details on the "How To Combine the Aforementioned for Effective Blogging".
Watch out for part 2!


Happy Soaring!!!

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