Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Laughs around the web . . .

We went through the web and found out why some people keep lolling every time, lemme show you some of them. We collected all of them from google since he is our friend, he gave it to us FOC.

Leggooooo . . .
This one funny oh.

Crazy questions we get all the times . . . so annoying
That is the #SlayMamas prayer request

Me sef weh not find the second page result oh

This one must have been hungry since yesterday . . .

Lols, the people in this ministry know whatsup.

Meh sef no knw o!

Well, I comment my reserve . . .

They want statement na . . .
This one is the real deal oh, me inclusive. Biko oya lie that you are not among our group!

Biko, don't try anything funny o. The phone sef can break into five in your hands, lols.

I don't know why they will be disturbing people when they are already duo.

This one is paining me everyday, I log on to facebook or get notification from Whatsapp o. Well, blocking the sender and deleting the message is not hard.

Don't mind them indomie generation. I did not call people name oh!!

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