Saturday, 22 July 2017

And if any man hunger, Let him eat at home!

All hail Alphasoar . . .

Howdy all. Hope everyone is having fun, knowing fully well that having fun and being happy is limited to a particular day of the week or month.
Today, we are at the door of our HealthCheck section. To our bachelors and spinsters, this post na for us oh.
Let Soar, shall we . . .

The greatest Apostle of the Bible, in one of his writings, gave us the post topic for today. At the time of writing his text, he was referring to people who come to take the Lord's Supper on empty stomach. He was advising them to eat at home before coming to avoid one or two reactions.
But on another hand, he was advising Us on a serious issue. An issue that concerns the body and soul. For us that are not married, we have one thing in common, Money plus Future. But we totally forget how to get money by taking care of our body.
Breakfast has been termed the best meal you could treat yourself with. And in the bid to get this treat, many people who cannot spend little time in their homes to prepare meals resort to patronizing road side food sellers. Like Paul the Apostle will say 'let him eat at home, it is highly recommended to cook your food yourself.

Hazards abound in taking in food that you don't know the type of environment it was prepared. Was the environment hygienic enough? So many road side food vendors do not take adequate care when preparing food the sell to the general public, so it is done anyhow. 
A story of teenager who developed kidney stones and it was discovered he developed the complications as a result of constantly patronizing a woman by the side of his school for food almost on a daily basis.

Today, the main subject is eating at home. Being a bachelor does not entail that you must be buying food everyday from other people whereas you could actually take out some time and prepare yourself a great meal. With my little observations, |I have also found out that eating outside of one’s home could be an addiction. And when it thus comes to this, where it becomes an addiction, the health of the individual is going to be at a great risk.

Basic Tips for Healthy Singles: 

1. Have a plan for your day. Your plan should include time to prepare as this will help to checkmate laziness in singles. When you have a plan of how you intend to run your day and discover that one is left undone, you will feel incomplete and restless until you've performed the task.

2. Have food items you could prepare on the go, my friend will always say Noodles+Eggs+Tomatoes+Vegetables should always be handy and I think they are a nice collabo. Though there are other food that could be prepared easily and fast, Oat porridge, omelet, tea, fried yam or potato and egg sauce are some food I think wouldn’t waste much of a time to prepare.
3. Cook in advance. There are times when you could just prepare food in large quantity, especially soup and stew and store them in your freezer. You can always bake Garri or your Semo or Poundo on the go or boil rice or cook yam. With this, going out to look for food won't be necessary at all.

4. You cannot eat at home to avoid lateness, package your food and take it along with you to your workplace. There is no way you will take your food to the office and still want to buy food from road side vendors.

Someone just whispered in my ears and guess what he said, 'I can't cook'. And there she just missed the line. What you don't know, you learn it by doing it. Read this post where I told someone to press Spoil and everything will be alright.

Eat well, Stay healthy.

Happy Soaring!!!

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