Wednesday, 19 July 2017


All hail Alphasoars . . .

Howdy all? Who else has been listening to the news lately? Our own dear Lai Mohammed, the Honourable Minister for Information and Culture has received many backlashes following his declaration that Nigerian trying to shoot their movies or music videos abroad will not enjoy a smiling face from the Federal Government.
"We cannot continue to go to South Africa or any other country to produce and then send them back to be consumed in Nigeria" was part of the statements credited to him on the issue.

I think the South Africa issue has got to do with the recently concluded Big Brother Naija that was hosted in South Africa which was supposedly a Nigerian thingy. Oh well, what do I know as regarding the entertainment industry. He has being largely criticized by the Entertainment industry key players.

My main talk today is not about what they are saying but something else I find very interesting and wish to share one or two of my views, still on the entertainment industry.

Some weeks ago, a popular singer released his album with title as mine. That's normal and overdue for his fans. Something caught my attention while browsing on YouTube and finding someone with name as Semah G. Weifur.

He has been a fan of the artist for some time now having in mind to meet him in person someday. it happened that earlier this year, the singer was having a tour in his country, Liberia. As his luck caught a better part of the argument, March 2017 he finally met in person his idol. He performed one of his songs live in the singer’s presence.

May 2017, about two months later he, Semah was in Nigeria to see his music idol. They had good moments. Funny enough, last week of June, the singer released his album and guess who was featured in the last track, Semah G. Weifur.

What am I saying . . .?
1. Semah G. Weifur was a young boy. Not just that, he is blind. No big deal mehn, buh hey wait up, have you ever beaten your challenges to expect the seemingly unimaginable? That the person you have been longing after will find it very much okay to embrace you despite the challenge you got. I don't think the young blind boy turned singer has thought he would meet him in person but now it has become a dream come true.

2. A celeb crowded with activities and fame has time for him? Okay, those celebs you almost worship are also human as you. The least I know, they barely have time to see any fan who wouldn't just get a ticket and come to their shows and sit at the far far end cheering and jeering with other numerous fans.
The singer found it interesting to draw the young boy closer to him. Some celebs will not try that as they feel they are god and must be worshipped.

Professor Johnbull is a song by the singer. It was later made a drama series by Globacom. In one of the numerous episodes, the singer in question made an appearance and after all that took place that day at the Johnbull's house, the singer was answering questions asked by the Maid like, Do you bath yourself? And all that. The answers and revelations made by the singer gave a series of message to her and the entire house of Professor Johnbull.

3. It doesn't always have to be in monetary value, but the little chance you give people to showcase what they have in them. Who knew that Semah had such a wonderful voice until the singer featured him the song.
Use the available resources in your hand and better the lot of someone who you are better off than in any wise. He not only sang with the boy, they did the music video of that song too.

Sometimes I see our youths overdo what they see on TV. What they find celebrities doing in their music videos or on stage, the wears, the styles and language. But unfortunately for them, they copy most of the things that these musicians or entertainers don't practice in real life. Most of them are humble, quiet and easy going but what they portray shows the exact opposite but since they are in the industry and have to entertain a longing crowd, they go out of their skin. They wear an entirely different look.

Nigerian youths should wake up, move out and embrace opportunities.

Happy soaring!!!

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