Monday, 17 July 2017

Designing for the Future

Design is the skeletal framework done by a designer that shows an intending structure. Of recent, many areas have inquired and adopted design abilities due to advancement in technology and science. The years are fast revealing many design varieties. We have moved from Pencil on Paper designs to 2D designs and then to 3D and so on.
These varieties of design have in time revealed to designers in different areas the ability to control an installation or a building before it is eventually built.
In this post, I will be focusing on buildings and architectural designs. So let us flow together. Shall we?
Design technologies have made designing buildings and architectural edifice easier. With this, architectural designs, if not properly observed will adversely affect the property owners and the environment in the nearest future due to many facts such as climate change, modifiability and maintenance of such edifices. The future taken into consideration, the following should constitute decision making guidelines.

Space and Location. Designs should not be done with disregard to location. Many architectural designers never know what the site looks like and they still go ahead to bring about a design. The space available to a designer should be in consideration when designing. Location should determine the type of design to produce.

Climate Change. When the location and space available is put into consideration before releasing a design, it will lessen the effect of climate change on user. With the effect of changing Mother Nature, designers need to avoid releasing designs that may not stand the adversely growing climate. Climate change is basically affecting temperature. Designs now should be one that can tackle adverse temperature for areas like the middles east, the northern region of Africa. The ozone depletion has caused the temperature to rise and it is still rising and if design done now cannot contain this adverse effect of nature, it will not be long and man have its effect visible such as skin diseases.
Global Economic Recession. The world right now is battling economy recession and many countries have had or are having it on the high side. Architectural designs done now should be done with economy bloom or otherwise in view.
In this sense, maintenance of a high architectural structure when the exchange rates are lower will not be same as when it is higher. And this will affect property owners. Designers should be able to curtail this effect by seeking joint contribution from actuarial scientists and economists before releasing designs.

These guidelines are borne out of the fact that designers will find it very easy to design architectural properties in the nearest future due to large contribution from technology and design software and if designs are not been monitored, structures that are complicating will be released which might well be built but the future of such edifice will be bleak due to aforementioned facts.
The future of architectural design is very bright and I believe that it will greatly be explosive as we are already witnessing magnificent structures from our designers with 3D softwares such as SketchUp and ChiefArchitect. New magnificent structures are in the making.

This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader.

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