Friday, 21 September 2018

Social Media and Space Economics

Hy everyone, today I want to take a look at Social Media space management practice. It is something everyone might have notice but didn't bother to give much attention to. Popular interaction platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have wittingly inculcated the "Brief" culture among it's users.

It all started with Twitter allowing anyone that wishes to tweet out an information use only 120 characters; this include spaces too. This has made Twitter stand out as one of the Social media channel you can easily navigate and get a concise, brief and straight to the point information.

It's builders understood that no one who is willing to get an information will be happy reading an epistle of 50 pages when such information could be made simple and put out with just 120 characters.

The space economics of Twitter worked! It's users appreciated it. They were free from struggling to read plenty stories along many bullcraps tales, hehehe.

For Facebook users, they seem to be happy reading epistles that could be summarised in two sentences, but alas, they weren't. From my interactions and usage of the medium, I still found out that most people still prefer something quick and straight to the point.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team understood the Space Economics, maybe late, but hey, they bought the idea. You are probably trying to argue that Facebook write ups aren't moderated to certain number of words or characters. Yea, Sure! The Facebook team knew that you won't want another Twitter and maybe they don't actually know how to tell you to moderate your write ups and make them brief. They adopted other sweet method to do that!

They brought Twitter and Facebook together! How. Keep calm, let me philosophise a bit.

They want to keep their Facebook addicts and also lure Twitter faithfuls, they moderated your posts and put a beautiful background for you. Have you ever wondered why, Facebook brought background colours and designs to add to your posts. Maybe you haven't. I did the thinking for you!

Facebook post with a beautiful background Art!

Have you also wondered why your background colour and designs disappear when you write above 120 - 130 characters before posting. They lure you to make your posts brief and straightforward as possible. Who doesn't love the Facebook background designs? They are beautiful and luring and because of that you won't want it to disappear from your post, so you instead shorten your post.

The era of "See More" on Facebook post are gradually fading except for long essay narratives that one would regrettably have to lose the background design or colour.

For me, I think the idea is OK but it won't make us leave our beautiful BIRD chambers.

What do you guys think? Anyone agreeing with me??

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