Monday, 5 October 2020

Don't Wear A Mask AGAIN!!

Hello people, it has been a very long while we published new thoughts here. There are no excuses as to why that is but we are coming back in greater measure to dish out great contents.

Nigeria has witnessed its own share of the damaging effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus has really hurt the world so much that it has bled on almost all side - economic, social and every other areas you could think of.

Getting out of the mess of this pandemic will require serious and planned recovery process. As you think about the government of your country in this regards, you should not also forget that you have a role to play. Personally you should also have your own thought out plans to stand strong as restrictions are relaxed in many countries and business activities resuming.

One of the many ways of reducing the risk of contracting the virus has been to wear mask. Many persons has found the act a tedious, tiring and stressful one. But sometimes when things happen like this, think about other benefits you could drive from what is happening. If you live in Nigeria and the southern part of the country - the Niger Delta areas of Rivers state, Delta state, Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom states, you need to appreciate the fact that you have worn nose mask for seven months and counting.

Doing this (wearing of mask) has actually reduced your chances by a reasonable percentage of suffering a carbon, cancer related illness. This is because gas flaring that has been a thing of discuss for the past few years has not seen a breakthrough. Multi nationals and indigenous oil companies that operate in the region are still flaring gases into the atmosphere.

If you have been in the city of Port Harcourt for the past few months, you would have been abreast of the recent resurfacing of black soot in the city. 

This has sparked outrage and protest across the city some months ago but till now the soot have not stopped. After going about your business in the day and returning to your home, put hand in your nose (after washing them of course), you will see that your nose have accumulated black soot/particles. And think about the ones that have gone into your system 😱

So if you live in the region and have not realized that it is important that you were a mask, then please DON'T. If you feel the government and health officials telling you to wear a face/nose mask are doing you bad, then DON'T wear it.

But if you could realize the need to do so, protecting yourself from the coronavirus and all other heath related hazards, then by all means, WEAR YOUR NOSE MASK.

Adios . . .

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