Friday, 9 October 2020

Poem Repost: Reaching The Promised Land

 An elder's advice:

I Stand a little Amazed,
When All I do is phaze,
All those shiny promises from my face,
To see through the future like an open lace.

I stand a little amazed,
When I cross life's perplexed maze,
To view across the blue sea,
That which my future is eager to see.

I stand a little amazed,
When across the sea, I paced
To rehearse my future's echo
In stanzas of sweet melo'.

I stand a little amazed,
As I rehearse joyfully, to find,
Choruses of beauty, that suits my kind,
Leading zealously fast into my promised land.

I stand a little amazed,
For through the stormy sea, I rode,
Bearing my 'needing' and 'wanting' load,
Which for ignorance and neglect, I fail to unload,
The 'wanting' that clustered my abode.

Caution, Caution ye travelers,
Your bookings has your need
and your 'wants' you may never need,
For if on safe haven you wish to arrive,
My warning you may now heed.

You younger, ride through this sea with courage,
Not with your wants, load and luggage,
For to bend your bones, they seek your comfort,
Heed young one, heed I pray you, heed!

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