Sunday, 10 July 2022

Listen, Always Listen

 #AlphasoarsChief writes,

Having lived a couple of years, I can confirm to you that you 'only' live by the amount of information you have been able to garner to yourself.
This is that part where one need to understand that living by personal experiences is inconsequential, time consuming and foolish. This is so when there abound a trillion information birthed on the experiences of others that can help you sail through the waves that tries to obstruct your progress on the sea of life.
Always Listen to learn, not always to respond. You can always have opinion about issues but sometimes when your contribution is not consequential to decision making at the moment, please pause, sit back and take a moment and look at the opinion you wanted to throw out, weighing it with the already served opinions from others and see if yours will bring light or more darkness to the matter discussed.
Always listen, tomorrow's choices depend on your attentiveness today.
In a certain dilemma once and had to talk to a former colleague and he gave me a two sentence advice. I understood his stand point but the application of what he said to my present predicament doesn't seem to add up. Not until some months after, I had to refer to his advice and smile.
Always listen to live. People have gone through the journey you are embarking on, they can help you make progress, just ask them 'HOW'.

Happy Soaring!

Monday, 14 March 2022

Chicken Republic sacks two security guards - True test of Advanced Personnel Management

 Some weeks back in Nigeria, there was a wide spread discussion on on various of it's social media platforms especially on twitter. It is a case involving two security guards at Chicken Republic, a fast food company with locations across the country. A video surfaced online where two of the guards were seen dancing. The development seems to have triggered a negative reaction from the franchise and it was learnt that appointment of the two young adults were immediately terminated.

It cause an uproar as some condemned the company for taking such decision. They termed it rash and insensitive. On the other hand, some persons argue
d for the company, condemning the action of the two guards who they mostly termed careless and rude who have disrespected their job roles and their employee.

While certain narratives will mostly suit well for anyone who takes side in any side of the discourse. For me, I will think this situation exposes the personnel management issues Nigeria's public and private sector is currently experiencing. A very bad omen where an employee of a company will be relieved of his duties, not for outright and flagrant abuse of office but for a genuine invention that helps the business outlook.

One may not understand if there were laws made in the institutions I just talked about where it was specified that an employee cannot dance around in whatever form in and around the premises. It will be absurd if such laws actually existed in such an organization where entertainment is key factor in customer's patronage. Because their acts which might or might not be harmful, depending on what angle you look at it from, has the ability to change the mood of buyers and patronage for the given day.

This post is not for or against the institution. But one seeking to tell institutions to intentionally encourage employees to employ whatever means necessary that conforms to the type of business environment they are in, that will only invite more investors and patronage. Employees should not be made to live their lives on a straight line kind of job routine without inventing or contributing ideas for the organizational growth.

Captains of industries as well should encourage their workforce by looking at ideas that they bring, without tossing them aside almost immediately. Employees should be made to take part in the business. People always have a sense of belonging only when their contributions are appreciated. This people are not just the key policy makers but also include the other workers who their job descriptions might seem less important and irrelevant.

Happy soaring.

Saturday, 12 March 2022

Theory of Social Media and Where to Find Help

The scale and height of social media influence in our lives today greatly overburdens theorists who tend to find it hard to analyze.

Theorist who fall into this category will quickly generalize in order to give a straight answer that, Social media is comparable to water and therefore conclude that Social Media is life. This opinion is right in a way and that is, social media and its features have enabled the rise and fall of humans.

Some people have their lives scheduled according to the dictates of social media apps on their electronic devices. Someone jokingly said, the sleeping schedule of people in this generation depends solely on the amount of battery life in their phones. Quit true. Let me give you a hint to what am driving at . . .

Mr. John gets back from a tiring day at the office. He gets into the shower and freshens up in order to relax his body with a deserving sleep. He lies down on his bed but quickly gets up and reaches for his tablet. He intends to clear all received mails for that day before finally taking his sleep. While trying to to clear the received mails, he stumbles on a peculiar mail from a stock brokerage company he intends to buy shares from. He becomes glued to his phone until the next morning at about 5am.

This schedule happened for many more weeks and, well, he woke up right after a two hours short nap but his body quickly began to feel the negative impact when he developed insomnia and fell into many stress induced disorders.

The theory put forward by many social media enthusiasts is that, it can help you grow and be outstanding in your career. But where can Mr. John find help when he has not been advised on the negative influence of what he is getting addicted to? There is need to balance every information we sell or buy. While you can get addicted to social media, you can get help as well from it - Just ask Google!😂

But hey, don't get attracted!

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Tuesday, 11 January 2022


Oga is the best politician around. Like other politicians, he also attends church services to do thanksgiving and see things for himself. Oga at the top is always on ground. If you are a citizen of Nigeria, you will know that this is a popular cliché with our very own politicians whenever they want to assure their followers, they will always sing the line, “We are always on ground”. And I will be asking, “If you are on ground, what are the things you are doing to make things works and be better than you met them when you came?”

In the book of job chapter one, the devil also went to service. He went to church or mosque or whatsoever you call your place of worship to present himself before God. Like people go to church on the first of the year or the first Sunday, Oga also went to worship God. He also told God this exact line that our politicians have become accustomed to. When God asked him why he came around and what he has been up to lately, Uncle said, “I have been walking to and fro the earth”. In other words, he has been on ground.

Our politicians will start campaign any moment from now and they will start walking up and down the whole place and shouting, ‘we are on ground’. I hope you as a citizen use your initiative when promoting these failed players. And that you will not be the one they will ride on to their next political agenda.

Let’s be wise and always at all times exercise our franchise. Be vote ready!

But in other news, why will God look at Satan that was minding his business and start asking him, 'have you considered my servant Job?'. Ah Ah. Why? But God should have left the young man who has been on ground but don't have anything doing. Let him be! But it seems, since God hates idleness and Satan has been idling around, He just wanted to give him small assignment. Get busy!