Monday, 14 March 2022

Chicken Republic sacks two security guards - True test of Advanced Personnel Management

 Some weeks back in Nigeria, there was a wide spread discussion on on various of it's social media platforms especially on twitter. It is a case involving two security guards at Chicken Republic, a fast food company with locations across the country. A video surfaced online where two of the guards were seen dancing. The development seems to have triggered a negative reaction from the franchise and it was learnt that appointment of the two young adults were immediately terminated.

It cause an uproar as some condemned the company for taking such decision. They termed it rash and insensitive. On the other hand, some persons argue
d for the company, condemning the action of the two guards who they mostly termed careless and rude who have disrespected their job roles and their employee.

While certain narratives will mostly suit well for anyone who takes side in any side of the discourse. For me, I will think this situation exposes the personnel management issues Nigeria's public and private sector is currently experiencing. A very bad omen where an employee of a company will be relieved of his duties, not for outright and flagrant abuse of office but for a genuine invention that helps the business outlook.

One may not understand if there were laws made in the institutions I just talked about where it was specified that an employee cannot dance around in whatever form in and around the premises. It will be absurd if such laws actually existed in such an organization where entertainment is key factor in customer's patronage. Because their acts which might or might not be harmful, depending on what angle you look at it from, has the ability to change the mood of buyers and patronage for the given day.

This post is not for or against the institution. But one seeking to tell institutions to intentionally encourage employees to employ whatever means necessary that conforms to the type of business environment they are in, that will only invite more investors and patronage. Employees should not be made to live their lives on a straight line kind of job routine without inventing or contributing ideas for the organizational growth.

Captains of industries as well should encourage their workforce by looking at ideas that they bring, without tossing them aside almost immediately. Employees should be made to take part in the business. People always have a sense of belonging only when their contributions are appreciated. This people are not just the key policy makers but also include the other workers who their job descriptions might seem less important and irrelevant.

Happy soaring.

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