Saturday, 12 March 2022

Theory of Social Media and Where to Find Help

The scale and height of social media influence in our lives today greatly overburdens theorists who tend to find it hard to analyze.

Theorist who fall into this category will quickly generalize in order to give a straight answer that, Social media is comparable to water and therefore conclude that Social Media is life. This opinion is right in a way and that is, social media and its features have enabled the rise and fall of humans.

Some people have their lives scheduled according to the dictates of social media apps on their electronic devices. Someone jokingly said, the sleeping schedule of people in this generation depends solely on the amount of battery life in their phones. Quit true. Let me give you a hint to what am driving at . . .

Mr. John gets back from a tiring day at the office. He gets into the shower and freshens up in order to relax his body with a deserving sleep. He lies down on his bed but quickly gets up and reaches for his tablet. He intends to clear all received mails for that day before finally taking his sleep. While trying to to clear the received mails, he stumbles on a peculiar mail from a stock brokerage company he intends to buy shares from. He becomes glued to his phone until the next morning at about 5am.

This schedule happened for many more weeks and, well, he woke up right after a two hours short nap but his body quickly began to feel the negative impact when he developed insomnia and fell into many stress induced disorders.

The theory put forward by many social media enthusiasts is that, it can help you grow and be outstanding in your career. But where can Mr. John find help when he has not been advised on the negative influence of what he is getting addicted to? There is need to balance every information we sell or buy. While you can get addicted to social media, you can get help as well from it - Just ask Google!😂

But hey, don't get attracted!

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