Thursday, 19 July 2018

Amaka's Love Story

If fate could be lenient with her and her wish is granted, it would be for her to get married before June next year when she turns 38. After all, she has got all that will make a man want to marry her - A nice body, a great career and a good home management skill as a mother to be.

"I am not going to bother myself about anything involving relationships and marriage again, am just tired" She told Jane coldly after her 37th birthday last week.
"Don't say that Amaka", Jane cautions her. 
"Segun is not the only man out there; there are a lot of men who would gladly take you to the altar at the slightest opportunity. Why kill yourself about one Segun of blessed memory" Jane advised. "Oh Jane please, Segun is the seventh man in my life aside Odike. When will that man that will take me to the altar ever show up, when will he? Is it after I’ve dated the whole men in the country? No tell me! She queried as she burst into uncontrollable tears.

She has met Segun at a popular restaurant some nine month ago while attending a birthday party of a former classmate. He was having some drinks with friends when he spotted her from a distance and couldn't stop the chemistry he developed immediately from reacting. 

He got Amaka's number on a platter of gold since she was already looking forward to a man in her life after her relationship with Ijeobi ended three months ago. Their first dinner date was at the Elegushi beach at Lekki. It was a romantic fun fair. Their relationship kick started after then and it was all rosy. They always do things together and as a result he had to invite her to come over and stay with him at his place but she said no, preferring a weekly weekend visits.

Their relationship had stayed without rancor for some weeks until she began suspecting his moves. Segun has been a 'good guy' who always walks with eraser to clean his tracks. Though Amaka has on one of her weekly visits to Segun, been advised by neighbours to be at alert whenever he is with Segun as no one could pin point on what he does for a living. His activities are shrewded in secrecy, making everyone suspect he is a love peddler or as widely known, a yahoo boy.

Often time she has demanded to know what and where he worked, but will always be assured that it wasn't something bad. He will always tell her that he deals on supply of farm produce to Malaysia but never mentioned what this produce was.

Two months before Segun's disappearance and sudden news of his demise broke out, he had told her that he had hit a major deal to supply his goods and the deal is worth some millions of naira. On the day of his journey, he woke up as early as 4am to drive out of Lagos traffic to the ports. He was stopped by men on military uniform who demanded to know where and for what reasons he had to drive at those odd hours. He kindly explained himself to them but they were acting on a script already written. They asked him the details of such business deals of which he had to bring out all documents with him. They took and examined and then the unexpected happened, he was shot to death at the spot.

It was later discovered that he was supposed to supply about fifty drums of palm oil to a Malaysian company but was murdered by his close friend who hired the assassins to get hold of the delivery documents and kill him. The friend was later arrested through intelligence gathering by men of the Police force and confessed to the crime.

Though Amaka has not been married to Segun, she always counts herself a widow at the thought of Segun. The matter aggravated some days to her birthday as close friends and family members were always troubling her to get a man and settle down.

When she finally marries, Alphasoar will let you know, though there is one guy I’ve been suspecting that has been eyeing her. Am sure he can give her some assurance if given the opportunity.

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