Tuesday, 11 January 2022


Oga is the best politician around. Like other politicians, he also attends church services to do thanksgiving and see things for himself. Oga at the top is always on ground. If you are a citizen of Nigeria, you will know that this is a popular cliché with our very own politicians whenever they want to assure their followers, they will always sing the line, “We are always on ground”. And I will be asking, “If you are on ground, what are the things you are doing to make things works and be better than you met them when you came?”

In the book of job chapter one, the devil also went to service. He went to church or mosque or whatsoever you call your place of worship to present himself before God. Like people go to church on the first of the year or the first Sunday, Oga also went to worship God. He also told God this exact line that our politicians have become accustomed to. When God asked him why he came around and what he has been up to lately, Uncle said, “I have been walking to and fro the earth”. In other words, he has been on ground.

Our politicians will start campaign any moment from now and they will start walking up and down the whole place and shouting, ‘we are on ground’. I hope you as a citizen use your initiative when promoting these failed players. And that you will not be the one they will ride on to their next political agenda.

Let’s be wise and always at all times exercise our franchise. Be vote ready!

But in other news, why will God look at Satan that was minding his business and start asking him, 'have you considered my servant Job?'. Ah Ah. Why? But God should have left the young man who has been on ground but don't have anything doing. Let him be! But it seems, since God hates idleness and Satan has been idling around, He just wanted to give him small assignment. Get busy!

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