Sunday, 9 January 2022


As the Total Energies African Cup of Nations championship gets set to begin January 9, some of the issues arising have been that of frequent reports of COVID 19 and how it will affect the competition. This is not only the issue, part of it been that of manipulation of test results. Is this even possible? This question to some will sound awkward but for some others who know a bit of national politics knows that some things of this nature are not entirely impossible. While disruptions of matches will most likely not occur as CAF has allowed national teams to present twenty eight eligible players but when COVID test comes out as positive and the best players are at the receiving end, what happens? Some few skeptics are praying that we don’t witness series of abnormalities where COVID tests are manipulated against teams that are likely to do well and as well targeting key players in the squad.

Everybody hopes the aforementioned scenarios do not play out as it will spell chaos and disorganize the anticipated success that such a competition should produce.

An additional $1.8m as prize money has been injected into the competition by the organizers. This has raised the already known prize money to a reasonable extent and this serves as moral boosters to all participating teams to go all out and be their best. Teams who have won it once or twice like Nigeria will have all the point to prove as to why they will need to lift the prized trophy once again. And teams who have not lifted the trophy once will have to fight to the finish to make their outing count.

Competitions like this afford Africa the chance as always to prove their place in world map. It also helps us recognize and appreciate our stars that are doing well outside of the shores of the continent. It is a time to cheer, jeer and be merry. Let us also be responsible how we throw banters around this period.

Wishing Africa the best of competition.

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