Monday, 20 September 2021

REVEALED! The God to Whom everyone Sacrifices to Daily

In Africa, the traditional worship entails paying homage to some god's named after certain things like, natural phenomena. Natural phenoms like Thunder, rain and steel are easily associated to god's. Other times it could be named events like market days as seen in the south eastern part of Nigeria with names like Eke, Orie.

The thing about a god is that it will always require the servant carrying out certain obligations. First, they need loyalty. God in the bible stated this when he said, You will have no other gods beside me. He expects complete loyalty. They also need worship. Their servants and those who have devoted their times to whichever god it is must always find time and days to worship. 

The God who Christians worship prefers praise from a holy heart as requirement for daily sustenance while some other gods require daily or regular sacrifices and atonement that might require the use of fruits and sometimes animals.

The sacrifices or worship done keep these gods happy and for whichever divide you are, you must worship your god in anyway he wants.

There is another sacrifice that people perform daily. Some people will always deny the fact that they are always involved in some form of sacrifice or the other. Everybody does this.

This sacrifice is also the same with other forms of sacrifice that people perform to their gods. It keeps them happy. People go a very long way to look for things to sacrifice to their gods. The traditional worshipers look for goats and other animals to sacrifice while the Christians bring their first fruits and tithe to their places of worship.

I must conclude this write up now by telling you unequivocally that you have been making sacrificing everyday and that is why you are alive because you have made your little god happy.

The name of the god to whom you all sacrifice to daily is Stomach.

See you soon . . .

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