Sunday, 10 July 2022

Listen, Always Listen

 #AlphasoarsChief writes,

Having lived a couple of years, I can confirm to you that you 'only' live by the amount of information you have been able to garner to yourself.
This is that part where one need to understand that living by personal experiences is inconsequential, time consuming and foolish. This is so when there abound a trillion information birthed on the experiences of others that can help you sail through the waves that tries to obstruct your progress on the sea of life.
Always Listen to learn, not always to respond. You can always have opinion about issues but sometimes when your contribution is not consequential to decision making at the moment, please pause, sit back and take a moment and look at the opinion you wanted to throw out, weighing it with the already served opinions from others and see if yours will bring light or more darkness to the matter discussed.
Always listen, tomorrow's choices depend on your attentiveness today.
In a certain dilemma once and had to talk to a former colleague and he gave me a two sentence advice. I understood his stand point but the application of what he said to my present predicament doesn't seem to add up. Not until some months after, I had to refer to his advice and smile.
Always listen to live. People have gone through the journey you are embarking on, they can help you make progress, just ask them 'HOW'.

Happy Soaring!

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