Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Everything Goes: A Likely Thunder!

Every day presents another opportunity to either Correct yesterday or Continue from yesterday. The power of choice lies in our hands and our ability to go the right direction is a key to landing at our desired destination.
The country has gone through processes which have either bettered or battered it. Reasonable eyes will discern the truth. We have gone from One Nigeria where there is unison in the voices that are heard, whether political, religious, social or secular to that where we have to keep our ears focused to get out a particular voice which we want to hear and silence the other. The power of choice is still active but not visible.
The voices which have echoed in our ears in times past have been that of
Let’s build Nigeria
Let’s uphold Nigeria
Let’s love Nigeria
Let’s strengthen Nigeria
Lets defend our past heroes’ footprints.
But at this moment can we of a truth say these voices are still singing same choruses up until now or a bitter cry is been heard from all quarters?

Can you tell yourself the truth that you haven’t heard the voices change to that of . . .
Sell Nigeria to buy bread – we are hungry?
Divide Nigeria to have peace – we are too many?
Mortgage Nigeria and feed the elite – the status quo must continue?

Every honest person has heard these voices roar. Then where did we all get it wrong. By ‘we’, I mean everyone is among. I believe there is a level where you endure a thing and wish to liberate yourself by whatsoever means possible. In our country here, every corner you enter you must find a visibly aggressive opposition. The political class has got them. The religions around have all got them. The elite class has them in great number. The business class has them and the youths who are ‘the future’ have them as well.

We got it all wrong as a nation when we selfishly tried to enrich ourselves. I don’t say, enriching ourselves just in finances. There are other forms of selfishness that have engulfed us. The finance that belonged to the citizenry has been siphoned for personal and family gains by our political class. Consumable goods have been adulterated to the latter by our business class to make huge money and that is selfishness. Our religions have focused on church membership and growth neglecting the other aspects of human development and welfare and I tell you that is selfishness.

If members of a particular church are all living fine, dealing with minimal worries, then getting membership would not be a tug of war and same to the mosques we have. We can have our nation back if we will surrender our self will, drop selfishness, and accept our individual and collective differences. See it like this – I am not better than him! – We are not better than them!
Some ‘hard’ statements have been accredited to some religious leaders and some are wittingly pleading for pardon for making such utterances while others have stood by their words and are daring themselves of breakfast-launch-dinner at one of the maximum prisons.

But I say that if negative events which we see around us are not curtailed, then more defiant utterances will be made and we are sure going to find that the prisons we have will not be enough to accommodate all them voices. How do you push a child and ask the child not to either run or fall? In our corners, I believe we should maintain peace but not for stupidity in silence especially trying so hard to accept our religious differences. We could possibly cite references from some holy books triggering destruction of lives and property to bring others to subjection and thus dominate them. No! – such teachings are bad and condemnable. I believe in cause of protecting our national interest and peace, everyone has right to defend himself which attacked. A religion preaches mental capturing and another, physical and brutal subjugation. If we cannot handle such issues as this, a likely thunder may strike and upon every roof it will.

Seeing and observing all these, shouldn’t we then CORRECT our yesterday, or shall we CONTINUE in our yesterday with unending and unattainable hopes of a better tomorrow? Until selfishness and ‘better than them attitude’ in every area of our lives is killed and buried, then our nation is never bound to rise.


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