Saturday, 28 January 2017

Alphasoars Healthcheck: Discussing Diabetes

Today we are going to be talking about Diabetes. Diabetes as we all know is one of the fastest killing diseases in Africa and as well as the world. There is type 1 and type 2 diabetes but we will be treating the term diabetes without the types because if you can be able to prevent the disease you might as well avoid the types. Type 1 is mostly common with children and teenagers while the other is a tormentor to the grownups – the adults. What is Diabetes? It is that ailment we have been made to believe comes as a result of excess sugar intake. If you drink that carbonated drink two times a day, you will surely get diabetes and …….. That is what they will tell us. That is a false truth I must admit. It has an element of truth. Diabetes is a disease in which there is an excessive presence of sugar in the blood. Typically the reason, why people take to their heels when they are presented with food that is got sugar in it. But in the reality what causes this ailment is the inhibition, insufficiency or absence of a typical hormone in the body that controls the uses and presence of glucose in the body.

When we eat food into body with sugar thereby increasing the level of sugar in the body, the pancreas which is located at the back of the stomach release a hormone called insulin. Insulin acts as director of sugar activities. When release, it tries to keep the sugar in check by aiding the intake of it into the muscles and cells. Sugar is a source of energy to the body. Absence therefore leads to fatigue. The disadvantage of excess intake of sugar is obesity and not diabetes. When one is obese, there is a high risk of having the disease of diabetes. Why? Because obesity inhibits the activities of insulin in the system!
Factors that can increase ones risk of having diabetes are: 1. Family background. If a parent or both parents have diabetes, the chances are high that the children will have to battle the disease. Early test is key to overcoming it to a ‘minimal’ level. From the chart above, when one is diagnosed with diabetes, he lives with it for life. It is a disease that cannot be totally cured but it could be managed and controlled throughout out one’s lifetime. 2. Obesity. Obesity is a leading cause of the ailment. Obesity like I mentioned earlier inhibits the actions of insulin on sugar in the system. This could be overcome by minimizing the level of sugar intake. Obesity is a disease of inactivity. Therefore to get out of it, one must be engaged with activities such as exercising which could in turn help to burn the fats and cut carbohydrate intake by about 60%. 3. High blood pressure. This could possibly cause diabetes. You should keep your blood pressure in check always. Visiting the Doctor regularly for check up and tests is highly recommended. Diabetes is a fast killing disease of which experts have warned that by the year 2020, adults in the sub Saharan region of about 70% are at risk of battling with among other disease such as cancer. These ailments have not got a permanent cure which means ones gotten, it stays for life but can be managed and/or controlled. Therefore early detection is key to surviving it. Visit your doctor regularly as from now especially if you notice any these symptom ms: 1. Blurred vision 2. Frequent urination 3. Excessive hunger 4. Losing weight as well as gaining weight 5. Itching skin (a bad effect of diabetes which oftentimes leads to skin peeling off at later time) 6. Loosing strength Spread the word to your love ones especially your enemies for them to be conscious of this ailment and treat accordingly. Live healthy! Know your Status!! Happy Soaring!!!

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