Monday, 23 January 2017


Many a times supremacy over life's issues is largely dependent on how we see them, how we magnify them and how we occupy our thoughts with their comparisms.
Life difficulties and challenges will surely arise and if you are really sure of your destination in the nearest future, your prayer is not going to be that of avoidance but faith to fight through. There are times we are faced with new challenges (situations we haven't been through all our life), and this is after a not-long-ago solved challenges. This challenges is not really because there are millitators against your success but because 'you have just made a process'. If you see them as limitation and not as stepping stones, you are not going to hurt your progress because instead of going back to the drawing board to map out solutions, you will go back to recount your sorrows and past challenges which will never boost your ego to succeed but weigh you down on your knees. And you know what people who are brought on their knees do - they remember prayer. To them prayer is the last resort and that is where their perpetual failure starts because only prayer without plans is an open invitation to more problems such as depression and negative thoughts.
Moving Forward . . .
This requires a not regular approach, which is #SeeNoLimits. Do not try to see your problems or challenges before you see yourself. It brings negative self comparisms. See yourself first through the eyes of God. Moving forward is good and rewarding.
How To Move Forward . . .
The G factor is formost. Discover the place of God in your forthcoming success story. Many fail trying to do it alone. When you go to your drawing board, your face is met with a hard board, a thick paper and a strong pen. There is need to wet these materials. And been truthful to ourselves we will discover that there is not a single liquid that could be used in the wetting process apart from Prayer. The sweat from your burdened heart for success that flows through your body in payer is all you need to wet your planning materials first and thereby giving God the license to act on your plans before you.
+++prayerfully make your plans!
+++prayerfully work on your plans!
+++prayerfully dedicate yourself to accomplishing your plans.
Another thing on this 'How Process' is understanding your values. Value yourself more than your goals and plans because without you been there the plans are not going to be a reality. How do you enjoy your success if you are not there to see it come to reality. Therefore with such kind of value you put on yourself, when challenges you will find yourself, through God, bigger than them.
In a baby year of 2017, #SeeNoLimits.
Make Progress!
Achieve More!

Happy Soaring!

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