Friday, 25 May 2018


In a Swift Reaction;

There dry pen begets ink,
To redirect an obvious link,
That seeks their image,
So clearly to expose their ill rampage.

Classly witted in defending
Their supposed tarnished image,
With inks of the blood of those depending,
On their self destroyed image.

My radio, their talking drum,
They heap their lies-filled drums,
Neglecting to take up their cross
Whose malnourished supporters whisper an applause.

How long ye simple ones,
Their lies you eat, not once
And impassable, it hangs on your throat,
Causing you a gruesome loathe.

Let us in Unity of Purpose, Arise,
For all it will take, to pay the Price,
To discontinues the uncomfortable cries
Of the poor, sore oppressed by the Elites.

Our country's politics has been infiltrated by selfish people who will not consider the average citizen in their flamboyant and reckless display of power. To cut this menace, I so think that it is time people who will have the citizens at heart to take over the affairs of the country's government.

It will start when every citizen gets involved in the day to day affairs of government, holding already office holders accountable for their actions and demanding accountability in all aspects. And the masses avoid being used by selfish politicians who will feed them for four months before election and abandon them thereafter for the next four years of been in the office.

All our politicians are after now is to defend their image from being tarnished as they will always allege. All their activities revolve around their personal lifestyle. They will always be quick to release counter statements to defend themselves. Their swiftness will not be seeing in creating employment for the youths, providing security and workable environment for businesses to thrive.

To all politicians, we want to hear from henceforth that, "In a Swift Reaction, the Executive Governor has created additional 100000 jobs to cater for the Jobless Youths in the State".

Do something new today!

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