Saturday, 30 November 2013



Ø  To bring blessing on yourself, bless your neighbor.
Ø  To enrich yourself, enrich your neighbor.
Ø  Honour your neighbor and the world will make you honourable.
Ø  To solely hurt yourself, hurt your neighbor.
Ø  He, who wants to finds love, will find it by giving it.
Ø  A man’s wealth is measured by the one he has given.

Ø  To enrich yourself with friends, enrich your friends first with yourself.
Ø  When you agree to take the first step of giving yourself that which you desire, it will take the first step to you.
Ø  Everything in life is a walking talking miracle.
Ø  Little can a man think but many are his thoughts.
Ø  Mollifies always get hurt more than the offenders.

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