Sunday, 8 December 2013

Between food and Health

Between food and Health
Most people prefer to work from morning till evening without dedicating a single minute to taking care of themselves. Firstly, you must understand that good physical wellbeing is both a combination of timely ability to observe some rules governing your health and also dieting. For you as a parent, the way you nourish your child for the very first six years will determine the ability of that your child to cope with the scorching environment as he grows up. Study on child nutrition have also revealed that a child that didn’t get enough nutrition at early stage will have problems in life which may include but not limited to, low IQ(you know what that means right), slower language and motor development and poorer school performance. Therefore, to avoid these problems adequate care should be taken in given a child a balanced kind of diet. Not excess balanced diet though!
Sugar – a matter that causes heart failure to some at the mention of it. As you mention sugar, what they hear is diabetes. Research revealed that too much intake of sugar dulls the brain. What a discovery! Now you ask questions that requires no answer, what about these children of our rich men? Going by what we see these days among children of so-called rich men in our society, their children are seen to be never doing well individuals. And you, decent parent because of what you see and think, you over feed your children with sweets, yoghurts, chocolate and chicken. Most of these people know about these facts, so they control their children’s intake of these foods and you imitating what you don’t really get to know overfeed your child with excesses.
Energy drinks – I will do justice to this. The time of resting and waiting for lost energy to be regained has gone from our society that every now and then we are always in a hurry. Get me energy drink please! Another research was carried out on these energy drinks taken into the body looking at what constitutes those drinks are, and guess what the finding were. Firstly, they make your heart beat faster than normal. And again they make your blood circulation much rapid. I do not discourage you nor am I sending you to charge the producers to court but to put a check on yourself on when, how many times and at what instance should I take these drinks. Before I move on finally to my last point, I will put this directly to you that, you should not take energy drinks in place of water when you feel that your body is dehydrating. WHY? Because the caffeine contained in this drinks are agents of dehydration! What am pointing at in essence is that they help dehydrate your body MORE!
Exercise – what we take this should be for physical fitness and not for stressing the body. I rest my case!!

Your questions are taking care of in my subsequent posts!

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