Monday, 27 January 2014

Alphasoars Checkpoint: The Entrepreneur II

Alphasoars Checkpoint: The Entrepreneur II
Last time on Alphasoars checkpoint we examined who an entrepreneur is and also get to know what entrepreneurship entails.
And so today having gone through those points I will be taking you through some basic characteristics or skills that an entrepreneur need to possess.
a.      Fast Thinker. Any person that wishes to go into the way of entrepreneurship must be a person who thinks faster than what he sees around his immediate environment. If this skill is developed it makes his to discover available opportunities and ways of taking it up.
b.      Focus. He is one that does not lack vision. He pursues a set goal.
c.       Risk Management. He manages risk and calculates its effects on his prospective ventures. Going through this, you understand that an entrepreneur involves going into business to yield profit. That is what entrepreneurship entails.
Profit Oriented. He is not diving into business for leisure. You must have a set profit target and you seek to achieve it.
e.      Accountable. An entrepreneur takes accounts carefully of daily, monthly and yearly business activities which enable him know where he is heading. Inventory is a key to avoid your business been cut short by massive failures on your part.
f.        Leadership Skills. Lacking leadership qualities might lead you as an entrepreneur to take wrong steps. This is by taking advice from people and lacks that ability to examine it carefully to know to what extent this suggestion will lead you. You can develop your leadership skills by attending workshops and seminars on leadership. Your leadership potential is right inside of you, develop it!
g.      Passionate About Success. Success is not gotten by someone who is indifferent. It is gotten by people who desire it and put their effort in achieving their desired goal.
Inability to conceive leads to lack of achievement.

Your questions are taking care of in my subsequent post!

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