Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Build A Connector Now!

It’s easy to find people out there struggling with coping with their environment and society at large. Well, the reason for this is not farfetched. Let’s get going then. What are the reasons then, someone is asking me! Yes, firstly, we could say inability to manage ones circumstance. We can as well say when people get tired of trying to “fit in”. Lack of etiquettes might as well hinder individuals from getting the best from their society. Let’s see if we can understand this more better this way. I once witnessed a generator set still steaming when the spark plug head wire had moved out (not touching the head of the plug) and all of a sudden a scream was heard from the back. For what – electric shock? Generator set on fire? My friend, none of the above questions was reason for the cry. The cry was only made by an individual who saw the situation and felt ‘this generator set might be on fire at any moment now’. Well his fear was abated as the situation was finally resolved. Now let’s relate this to our subject. The inability of an individual to adequately communicate (connect like the plug wire) with the society might raise an alarm that might cause a big harm. This situation is found when people try to get to know people not to develop a good relationship with them but just to get something they might need from them thereby engaging in relationships based on shadows. Why do you scream out when it seems the world is turning against you? Build a connector now and make it fast. Maintain a good relationship with people and don’t just hang around people, just like the relationship that exist between a shark and a remora or that of ferns and the palm tree. When Joseph Newton made the statement “people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges”, he was not trying to bargain an idea with you, and he was only pushing out a point. Build a bridge and link yourself to generous information or build a wall and keep yourself from the great investment and opportunities, maybe on yourself or others.
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