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Alphasoars Healthcheck: What to Watch Out On Food Labels To Avoid Health Hazards

Many labels are seen on consumable items especially the ones processed. Observing ‘Safety First’ entails that you check every consumables you buy to know what you are about to consume whether the one that is taken into the body or the one that is applied on the body.
Today we see many competitions on the market as regarding the food items we consume especially processed ones as they try to impress buyers that their products are made up of quality materials or ingredients.
I shall briefly take you on an in-depth tour on food labels you as a buyer should look out on your item labels to ascertain the quality of what you are about to purchase. This itemization you are about to read is subject to in-depth study by you.

Anything You Can’t Pronounce; firstly before I mention some names used in labeling I want to mention it to you that your first step to discovering what you are buying is the ability of you to pronounce what is written on the label. Anything you can’t pronounce when reading the labels on a food items should be carefully scrutinized as you might get what your body do not want or need as you take the consumable in or on your body without knowing what the label says.

Monosodium Glutamate, MSG, this processed food additive was first invented in 1908 by Japanese, Kikunae Ikeda. This is mostly found on canned foods as it gives the canned food a fresh and nice smell. Related adverse effects of MSG include burning sensations in the mouth, stomach upset, headache and some allergic type of effects on the skin. It also leads to retina defects. And this is noticed at approximately fifteen to twenty minutes after its consumption. It could also be referred to as vegetable extract.

Natural and Artificial flavours, when natural or artificial flavours are been mentioned in food labels, it should be observed careful what flavor it is. The above mentioned part of a food label, talking about the MSG, is a natural product and flavor from vegetable and proteinous food materials and can also be produced artificially from these sources. Therefore care should be taken to determine the flavor type or name.

Bleached Or White Wheat Flour, this is flour that has been milled and whitened. During the processing, the enriched nutritional content of the flour is been removed making this substance (white wheat) almost a sugar material. During its processing as well the vitamin E content is gone. Ironic, vitamin B, phosphorus and including calcium content of the rich food is been lost as well. This substance causes diabetes in the human body. Therefore needed to be avoided.

Soy Protein Isolate, this food content makes you older than your age. How? “Former” supposed health values of soy include lowering of cholesterol in the body and protect against heat, breast and prostate cancer. This food ‘flavouring’ material as supposed is highly confused in the most processed food labels such as the earlier discussed Natural and Artificial flavours, textured plant protein. Other names can include mono-diglyceride, soya, TSF, TSP or TVP, Lecithin or even the earlier discussed MSG. Thank God now you know! But understand that not all TVPs or TSF/P is of SOY MADE.
Genetically Modified soy beans can cause hormonal imbalance on unborn children and can cause miscarriages on pregnant mothers. It has been said by them of old TAKE, EAT, now Alphasoars Healthcheck is saying AVOID.

Your Health is actually your Wealth, therefore on Alphasoars Healthcheck we seek to let you know the necessary steps to preserve your Health.

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