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Alphasoars Healthcheck: What to Watch Out On Food Labels To Avoid Health Hazards 2

Aspartame; one of the accidental discoveries was made in 1965, the discovery of aspartame. It is an artificial food sweetener. More than 7,000 consumable products have a percentage of percentage. Aspartame is mainly found in food products that are labeled sugar free. The adverse effect of this substance are numerous and are worthy of note here. They include (a) it increase one’s appetite and at such one is at risk of weight gain (b) in child birth, it leads to brain damage to foetus (c) it also leads to dizziness and mental retardation (d) brain cancer is also associated with regular intake of this substance (e) diabetes can be caused due to aspartame intake.

Hydrogenated Oil; this is also referred to as Trans fat. Hydrogenated oil is gotten by a process of passing hydrogen through a vegetable oil. This then added to food makes it stay ‘fresh’ longer. This hydrogenation process increases the cholesterol content which cannot be digested by the body system. Examine these words in your food labels, “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, and hydrogenated oil” and be ware. The effects abound in the level of coronary heart disease.

Artificial Food Colours; food colouring has many adverse effects on the health of an individual. Many so called “juices” now, are devoid of any natural fruit but a mixture of artificially-coloured sugar water. Someone rightly said “it is a major problem in “fake food”.
Let’s make a link; blue dye = cancer; red dye = thyroid tumors; green colouring = cancer of the bladder; yellow colouring = kidney cancer. These colouring are in handy with children’s consumables. And that’s why these effects are noticeable among many kids you see every day.
How’s the health of your kid?

Sugar; in a recent research at Havard, it was noted that one that is addicted to intake of sugar-laden diet may have the risk of dying with a heart disease even if the individual is not overweight. Sugar intake of about 25% a day increases weight gain and can also raise blood pressure. In a line, sugar can cause duodenal ulcer, kidney and heart disease.

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I bring this topic to an end but will also like to state here at this point that your daily food intake matters a lot. Check your diet today.

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