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How to make a Cantenna!!! follow steps below

Saw this and wanna share with you, how to design a workable cantenna. It is so called because the material involved in which it is made from is an empty can for beverage or something.

You should be able to have something like this at the end of your practice.

Tools required
*        Can opener
*        Ruler
*        Pliers
*        File
*        Soldering iron
*        Solder
*        Drill with a set of bits for metal (with a 1.5 cm diameter bit)
*        Vice or clamp
*        Spanner or monkey wrench
*        Hammer
*        Punch

1. With the can opener, carefully remove the upper part of the can.
The circular disk has a very sharp edge. Be careful when handling it! Empty
The can and wash it with soap. If they can contained pineapple, cookies, or
Some other tasty treat, have a friend serve the food.

2. With the ruler, measure 6.2 cm from the bottom of the can and draw a
Point. Be careful to measure from the inner side of the bottom. Use a
Punch (or a small drill bit or a Phillips screwdriver) and a hammer to mark
The point. This makes it easier to precisely drill the hole. Be careful not to
Change the shape of the can doing this by inserting a small block of
Wood or other object in the can before tapping it.

3. With a small diameter drill bit, make a hole at the center of the plate. Increase the diameter of the hole using bits with an increasing diameter.
The hole should fit exactly the N connector. Use the file to smooth the
Border of the hole and to remove the painting around it in order to ensure
A better electrical contact with the connector.

4. Smooth with the file one end of the wire. Tin the wire for around 0.5 cm
At the same end helping yourself with the vice.
130 Chapter 4: Antennas & Transmission Lines
Figure 4.37: Tin the end of the wire before soldering.

5. With the soldering iron, tin the central pin of the connector. Keeping the
Wire vertical with the pliers, solder its tinned side in the hole of the central pin.
Figure 4.38: Solder the wire to the gold cup on the N connector.

6. Insert a washer and gently screw the nut onto the connector. Trim the
Wire at 3.05 cm measured from the bottom part of the nut.

7. Unscrew the nut from the connector, leaving the washer in place. Insert
The connector into the hole of the can. Screw the nut on the connector
From inside the can.

8. Use the pliers or the monkey wrench to screw firmly the nut on the connector. You are done!
As with the other antenna designs, you should make a weatherproof enclosure for the antenna if you wish to use it outdoors. PVC works well for the
Can antenna. Insert the entire can in a large PVC tube, and seal the ends
With caps and glue. You will need to drill a hole in the side of the tube to accommodate the N connector on the side of the can.

Your finished antenna.

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