Saturday, 12 July 2014

Banana - A fruit so dangerously delicious

Banana are elliptically shaped fruit an herbaceous plant. A bunch of banana fruit on the plant is known as hands and are up to 25. They are creamy and sweet plant that grows up to 10 – to 26 feet. Banana belongs to the musaceae family of plants. 

 Let’s now devour a banana and see what’s inside. A cross examination of the mineral content of banana reveals that the fruit contains – 25.2% of Vitamin B6, 13.6% of Vitamin C, 16% of manganese, 12.2% of fibre, 12% of potassium, 10.2% of biotin and 10% of copper. The fruit rich in potassium helps in lowering of blood pressure. 

It also contains sterol that helps block the absorption of much cholesterol into the blood and help reduce the cholesterol content of the body. Its fibre content help in keeping the speed of digestion in control.
It originated from Malaysia about 4,000 years ago and vast spread across to some Asian countries such as India where Alexander the Great’s army had them grown. The plant was introduced to Africa by some Arabian merchant men.

About 1482 AD, the plant was discovered by Portuguese and European explorers who took the plant to the Americas where we now have the most prominent banana empires been built.
To reduce gastrointestinal risk or associated problems, the health practitioners advice that you take at least two a day.
So dangerously delicious a fruit!!!

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