Tuesday, 4 November 2014

POEM: To The Nigerian Youth

Its been a while a last shared a literary creation, a poem. And now, i am bringing this forward to us. Please, understand the tone.

READ . . . .

Why do we slumber
failing to take our place in the number?
Is it because of hunger,
that we refuse to ponder?
Failing to mine on the resources of the nation
with regretful illusions?
Why do our youths roams,
'cause of the emptiness of the home?
Why do youths fail to pursue education,
'cause of the good economy of the nation?
Why do youths play politics in education,
Is it because of the 'pay' in persuasion?
O, how i hate these characters with passion,
Loving them with face of confusion.
The Nigerian youth have failed to obey!!!
What have we failed to obey?
The voice of the leader,
that calls us through our basic reader.
The voice of the wise,
that directs us in paying the price.
The voice of our elders,
that denies us the feeling of the weather.
The voice of our instructors,
that beckons on us like the conductors.
The voice of our mothers,
that pleads until we surrenders.
The voice of the our fathers,
that pushes us away, into the ladder.
The Voice of our national leaders,
that encourages us to become the future leaders.
Oh, Nigerian Youth why waste
when we can, with haste
observe what we paste
on our future as we reach out to the peak.
Why have we put our sight on shadows,
internet image
not minding the meadows?
Is it because of the pride,
that we couldn't hide?
Why do we trust in failed models,
that leads us like fooled mules?
Why do we trust in frivolous models,
that wast energies in fake markets?
Why do we trust in fainting models,
that promises us future on mirage?
Why have we with hast neglected the faithful masters,
who have with great zeal,
taken thousands to the top,
who we might follow to get to that spot?
Oh, Nigerian Youth!
I call you to surrender,
lay down your wills and forget the slander.
I call you to run as the race intensify,
shake off your shackles and mortify,
that which makes you not to qualify,
and we at the end of the day, will magnify,
HIM and those that have granted us,
the access to the APEX!!!

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