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The Birth of Idea: The Biafran Case

There is nothing on earth more powerful than an idea" Dr. Myles Munroe.
Research has shown that on average, the human mind processes about forty-seven thousand thoughts per day. Ideas are birth in every human no matter age, race, colour, language or religion. What matters is how you channnel the ideas. Ideas are mostly borne out of deep quest to satisfy a desire. There is a desire to build an house, ideas would be born immediately ranging from, what type of house would suit you to how to get the finances to fund the building project. All are ideas. Since ideas are borne out of quest to actualize a desire, I therefore would say that the thought conditioner to birthing an idea is ones environment.
The things that happen in your environment and how it affects you. And so, to get ideas about how to succed in your business, you must picture out a business environment and so develop healthy business thoughts.
A step closer then.
Late General Ojukwu, Head of State of defunct Biafra Republic between 1967-1970, was among the Nigerian soldiers as of then since joining the force against his father's wish. He saw the treatment and condition his people are subjected to. As he rose in ranks in the Nigerian Army, an idea was birth in him as to how he could help his people. And the idea was the creation of a separate state from the Republic of Nigeria. He nursed the thoughts until better pictures with brighter ideas emerged from under his mind and his mind was made up that it was expedient to declare the Independent State of Biafra. He made the declaration and the Nigerian state went after him and his followers. At the end of three years, the idea was 'caged'.
I am not trying to give you a full account of what happened then but am driving this train with the view of landing you into a destination that won't take the next five minutes to reach.
He flew out of the country after the war and someone in his army in a national newspaper said he was not man enough and that was why he left them to die and ran away. On his terms he may be correct but I want to differ a bit, he ran to protect an idea he birthed.
But one thing with an idea is that, It is highly communicable if deliberately transfered. I think he feared that the idea had not been adopted by many as of then. You might disagree with me too on this one. But one thing that stands so deceptive as the serpent to Eve in the garden is the notion that when you kill the idea producer, you haved removed it from existence. But no, Idea never dies, it outlives human even the one that brought the idea. Christianity today is widespread in almost every path of the world, but the religious leaders in the time of Jesus never thought about that. They thought once the man, Jesus is dead the message he brought would as well die with him. But alas, they were dissappointed.
And so, History was written about 1967-1970 war and archived. Its 'before' and 'after' was as well written. Some years ago, the Biafran Idea giver died. The world felt the loss but his idea never felt the loss since it found itself in United Kingdom in the hand of another man who believed in it.
Since I am a christian, to acertain the truth into what am trying to pass across to you, the Bible revealed to me that whenever a vision or an idea is birth and then it is not time for it to manifest, it must be clearly written down and kept so that someone who believe in it will make speedy arrangements to see to its execution. I found that in Habbakuk, the second chapter and in the two verses of two and three. Please try to read it.
Nnamdi Kanu started disseminating the content of the Ideas and millions bought it very easily and quickly. And it became a household commodity among the Eastern dwellers in Nigeria.
Why this piece, I am trying to lay emphasis as to what destiny holds for any ignorant person who wish to think that Biafran idea could be killed. Even 'if', Mr. Kanu is condemned to death, within a few months we will surely say "A greater than Nnamdi Kanu is here". So the worst that can happen to Kanu throughout his stay in prison is death by nature or any other means since millions now have got the idea into them.
It must continue till it is actualized. If anyone has told the USA that Al Qaeda will soar even after Osama's death, they wouldn't believe it. But now, it has seemed that they (USA) wasted resources looking for Osama (the idea originator) forgetting he has sold the idea already which has been bought by many disciples.
I therefore advice the Nigerian government to tread with care!
What will be, must surely be!
This is a personal thought, you are free to argue.

Happy soaring!!!

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