Thursday, 23 February 2017

Please Come in Here, Lemme epp you!

You that be going to church to give #20 as your offering for a whole week while you recharge daily with #500 and at the weekend took your girlfriend to Kilimanjo.
Please your deliverance is urgent because the demons that weh torment you in hell are seriously dancing azonto!

You that weh not read your holy book until worship day but weh go and buy newspaper every blessed day to find where they snap naked ladies and put. Sorry to inform you, satan is seriously preparing your cane at Bermuda.

You that weh not answer your name, not even your father's because it your local language name. Please be informed, your ancestors are seriously taking note.

You that have trained three girls at the university while you sit in house with incomplete O'level result and you are happy.
Please come here now, am suspending other prophecies for your sake.
Yours needs urgent attention!
Please come!
Now turn and face the congregation!
Put your hand on your chest!
Taaa remove that left hand there!
Put your right hand!
Not raise your left and repeat after me!
My father my father, every where my name has been taken to just to make me mumu for life, now catch fire, catch fire! Amen!

You that have not called your mother for the past two years because she does not have phone while you just ordered for gold customised iphone 7 for your girl.
Your village witches are really strong, they've almost sold your destiny.

You that have more than four thousand friends on social media and still, you weh not chat with any when you come online. Your deliverance need seven days dry, please visit the prayer warriors for assistance!

Happy soaring!

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