Friday, 6 December 2013


Before we take a closer study to the effects of partnerships, let’s think through these pieces of excerpts from writes on partnership.
-          When people come together, as a team, there is a build up, synergy is formed and results burgeon. Teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the effect.
-          No man is an island of knowledge. We are inherently mutually interdependent. Our weakness is the strength of others and vice versa.
-          The only reason to work in a partnership is to accomplish goals you can’t accomplish separately. The most effective partnership owns a shared sense of purpose.
Through the stereoscope of a great observer, you’ll discover that partnership is the only solution to most of man’s common avoidable frailties. In academia, there are levels of types of partnerships that exist among students. It could be partnerships in studying (study group/mates), partnerships for project work and also partnership for research purposes. A case study on partnering to accomplish a project is the case of the not too popular story from the Stanford University. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were both PhD students at Stanford University working on the Stanford Digital Library Project (SDLP). The SDLP’s goal was “to develop the enabling technologies for a single, integrated and universal digital library”, which was as well funded through the National Science Foundation among other federal agencies. Their effort resulted in the popular GOOGLE search engine. Partnership is good and a reliable source of achieving a set goal easily. The results or positive effects of partnerships cannot be over emphasized. At whatever level you are in this world, you definitely need a partner to achieve your purpose in life.
On relationships I will without further ado state that except the above subject matter of partnership is understood to the apex by an individual, relationships won’t work for him or her. Relationships are built on networks. Someone puts it this way, ‘your network determines your net worth’. Well I will run a few quick tips on principles of partnerships and relationships.
-          Values. What are your values and how do you value the next person by your side. Check my earlier post, ‘my neighbor’.
-          Purpose. The holy writ puts it this way, ‘can two work together except they be agreed?’
-          Amiability. Once again the holy writ has something to contribute here, it says, ‘a man that has friends must show himself friendly’.
Now, what do you think about partnerships and relationships?

Your questions are taking care of in my subsequent posts.

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