Monday, 2 December 2013



It’s pathetic to state here according to research that the original and the second hand ………… bear up the same negative effects. Fill in the gap above with Smokers. Since there is no possibly obeyed law that protects the second hand smoker against the activities of these set of individuals.
These people need a thorough check”, a preacher exclaimed as he examines the activities of these groups of persons. Looking at every pack of cigarette that is been sold, you find an inscription “… smokers are liable to die young”, yet millions of packets are sold each day. What confusion? Well this is a penned document by an observant citizen, what could he do then?. There are people as well who might not be in their good thinking minds as they sit down morning till night and inhale these smokes that is said to destroy a non living components of our environment, ozone layer, and they tell us “ I don’t smoke”. What do you think these people really need?
a.       Rehabilitation
b.      Banishment
c.       Imprisonment
d.      Warning
e.      Encouragement
Everyone should have his or her opinion on this. Never bother you?

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