Tuesday, 8 April 2014

New Discovery: I can actually stay alive in one of the planets for days without oxygen?

With billions of solar bodies been discovered on daily basis, the most frequently asked questions is which of these heavenly bodies can sustain live. And science has been finding ways of suppressing that question by constant and current research on these bodies. Actually, recently one of the planets in the universe seems to help science calm their nerves on the issue.
What happened?

Are you actually saying that we can travel to the planet and stay there for day, weeks, months and even years without asking our aeronautics when do we get back to the earth due to insufficient oxygen balance?
In a recent discovery gotten through a careful analytical survey of one of the planets – Saturn, it was discovered that an ocean exist under an ice region of one of the moon of the planet which is as large as Lake Superior. And that means that there is a possibility of life in the planet – Saturn.

Just watch out for the next flight to Saturn and get ready to fly.
In a press release, Jonathan Lunine of Cornell University said, “as far as whether one should go first to Europa or Enceladus, I look at this as a kind of a cornucopia of habitable environment in the outer solar system”.

Europa and Enceladus are moons of the planet. This story was confirmed as spotted by NASA – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

We still cross our hands for the next discovery!

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