Thursday, 10 April 2014

The striking strike story in Tanzania

Teachers in a school in Sumbawanga district of Rukwu region, by name Keela Secondary School has embarked on no-teaching exercise in the school recently.
My blog pals can you guess what the cause was?

Can I help you with some options?
a. no salaries
b. no allowances
c. government subsidy
d. much school fees
e. low income
f. all of the above
g. none of the above.

Ha, I know some of you have already settled with something up there. But I beg to tell you that the correct answer will fish itself out as we discuss why.
The teachers refused to teach because the students destroyed an 8-hectare maize farm belonging to the teachers. The students will be sent to the farm for corporal punishment or something similar but they take that opportunity to destroy the maize farm. 
The teachers sent them away for some weeks and they returned and yet there was no sign of lectures in the classes as teachers refuse to teach. Why? The teachers are demanding compensation for their maize farm that was allegedly destroyed by the students.

Now answer the question, thanks a lot!

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