Saturday, 9 August 2014

Conclusion, Age of infidels

To conclude my write ups on the age of infidels, I present to you Dr. Stowell. He was a renowned atheist of his days. Let see what he wrote on the pages of the history of scientific development.
"I was a confirmed atheist. Then one day I really had an experience which set me thinking. I was in a laboratory in a large pathological hospital where we were attempting to find the wave length of the human brain. We found that the different wave lengths of each individual brain are further separated than the fingerprints in each individual hand.
"We experimented to discover what took place in the brain at the moment of transition from life to death. We chose a lady who was on the verge of death and she was informed she was going to die. We arranged a tiny pick-up in her room to ascertain what would take place in the transition of her brain from life to death. We also put out a very tiny microphone in her room so that we could hear what she might have to say. Five of us scientists --- perhaps I was the most atheistic of the group -- were in the adjoining room with our instruments prepared to register and record what transpired. Our device had a needle pointing to the 0 in the centre of the scale. To the right the scale was calibrated to 500points and also to the left 500 points. We had previously registered on this instrument the power used by a 50 kilowatt broadcasting station in sending out a message around the world. The needle registered nine points on the positive side.

"As the last moments of the woman arrived, she began to pray and praise the Lord. She asked God to be merciful to those who had despitefully used her. She re-affirmed her faith in God. She thanked Him for her knowledge of His reality" We scientists had been so engrossed with this woman's prayer that we had forgotten our equipment. We looked at each other and saw tears flowing down scientists faces. I had not shed tears since I was a child.
"Suddenly we heard a clicking sound in our instrument. We looked and the needle was registering a positive 500, desperately trying to get higher only to bounce against the 500 positive in its attempt.

"After this we decided to try a case very unlike the first. We chose a man lying in a research hospital stricken with a very deadly social disease. After we had set up our instruments, we asked one of the nurses to win this man's interest in her, then suddenly she told him she would have nothing more to do with him. He began verbally to abuse her, and the needle began to register on the negative side. Then he cursed her and took the name of God in vain. The needle suddenly clicked back and forth against the 500 negative post". By actual instrumentation, the five scientists had been convinced of the blessed destiny of the believer at death and the frightful destiny of the sinner at death.

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