Wednesday, 8 October 2014


There are people who follow the teaching of ancient philosopher with name Epicurus. The teaching is mainly centered on Pleasure. Epicurus stood on this theory between the years 307BC and was also an atomic materialist.
This philosophy is anchored on two facts (1) obtaining pleasure through freedom from fear and (2) absence of bodily pain. This is mainly based on attaining a state of the mind termed PLEASURE.
Although the man Epicurus seems not to exist this day as a person, but there are many who are directly or indirectly embracing the teachings of Epicurus by their intermittent or continuous lifestyle of ‘enjoyment’.

What I think-
Through science, the act of pleasure seeking seems to be the driving force towards every applied knowledge to get a product for man’s use. Despite this fact I still maintain that freedom from fear and bodily pain remains elusive for individuals who are always on the verge of eating themselves out on every income they get. This to me is on the basis that the epicureans’ kind of lifestyle leads to unwanted ends.
Firstly, it leads to a life full of frustration. This could be seen where one spends all he’s got to satisfy his pleasures and at the end of the day ends up at the level where he started.
Another result of this kind of lifestyle is that, the individual is bound to fall victim of misfortune unprepared and finally, they (the epicureans) tend to let opportunities pass them by in order to avoid stressing their bodies.

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