Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The bitter sweetness of egg plant

On some of my previous posts, I have examined some life giving fruits such as banana, guava, where I made you to understand their nutritional values and their help to body building. On today’s topic, I will be exposing to you some hidden benefits we could derive from the eggplant that we see all around, enjoy.
The egg plants are member of the nightshade family of plants popularly known by their scientific name of aubergines. As vegetable they serve for nutritional benefits as they are rich in good amount of magnesium, copper, niacin, fibre, manganese and vitamins.
Egg plants are vegetables with low calories, helpful for those who want to lose some weight and can be added to food source due to its low calorie content. A breakdown of nutritional content of eggplant shows the following; water 75.8g, carbohydrate 4.7g, protein 0.8g, niacin 0.5g, vitamin B6 0.1, vitamin c 1.8g, calcium 7.4g, potassium 189g, sodium 1.6g, magnesium 11.5g, manganese 0.2, total fat 0.2g, dietary fibre 2.8g, vitamin k 2.8mcg and folate 18mcg.
Its benefits to the human body could be seen as underlisted;
 Cancer prevention, research carried out on egg plant shows that the vegetable with rich fibre content can help the digestive system of the body to prevent and treat colon cancer. How? By absorbing the cancerous toxins out of the body.
Weight loss, the fibre content of the vegetable help reduce your appetite for food, keeping you full after a long time of eating it, thereby helping you eat less and avoid weight gain.
Egg plant help protect the heart by helping keep cholesterol levels in place and relaxing the blood vessels.
Another important benefit of egg plant is its ability to prevent heart attack or stroke.
Proper food digestion, egg plant helps the body with its water and fibre content to keep the digestive system in place and keep it free from cancerous cells with its numerous antioxidants.
You’ve probable wondered how to keep your wayward nails and hairs in shape. Then the benefit of egg plant cannot be over stressed here. Egg plant helps the skin well hydrated and nourished.
It also helps those who want to quit smoking.
Taste an egg plant today and discover for yourself its sweet bitterness.

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