Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Commenting on your Favourite posts on your Favourite blogs

This post is coming out of my own little indoor research. I get to understand that commenting on blogs that you read using google profile could be annoying at times.

This happens when you finish typing your epistle to publish on the comment section, the whole epistle gets swallowed up and you feel, 'i don't have the strength to type again', and you are like, 'i love ya post' just because you can't consider yourself typing the whole epistle again.

How is it possible?
After reading your favourite blog post, go to the comment box and type your whole epistle as you like it. After typing, don't click out or make any selection, just use your keyboard and press 'Ctrl+A' to select the text you typed then 'Ctrl+C' to copy it.

After that select google profile or wordpress account on the drop down box, then click publish, it then redirects you to where you sign up with your account.

After signing up, click enter, it will then redirect you to the blog page and you will discover that what you typed is missing, don't panic. Click inside the comment box, then use your keyboard and press 'Ctrl+V' to paste your earlier copied text.
When you press that inside the comment box, your whole typed epistle appears back.

Then hit publish and it's done.

This is applicable to any blog you have to comment using your google account, except comment box that are embedded on the web page.

Note: If you signed with your computer for your gmail or google plus account before trying to comment, there will be no need of going through this process because the comment section will be automatically selected for your google account except you have logged out from your gmail of google plus.

I hope this helps. If you find it helpful as a blogger, you can re-blog this on your blog as well to save your readers the stress.

Pictures from google.

Happy soaring!!!


  1. As in!
    The problem of blogging life...
    Typing one looooong comment and then it I don't bother again, especially on some blogspot blogs(no offence).
    But thanks for this. Copying and pasting is the way out

    1. Mehn, its of utmost annoyance when your epistle disappears on blogger oh. Copy and past does much good Frances like Paracetamol, lol.

      Thanks for liking!!!


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