Monday, 8 December 2014

Alphasoars Checkpoint: 'Mickey would like it even better . . .'

On today's post I will be talking about friendship. Mickey would like it even better . . .' is an except of a story that is told about a group of friends who were dear to each that when one of them died, they were aware of what what he would have loved if he was still alive. Let's read the story below. The story is told by Henry Penn, a florist.
One day two boys and a girl of about ten years of age approached his (Henry Penn) store. They wore ragged clothes, but had clean hands and faces. The boys took off their cap when they entered the shop. One of them came forward and solemnly said, "we're the committee and we'd like some very nice yellow flowers". Penn showed them some inexpensive spring flowers, but the boy said, "i think we'd like somthing better than that". "Do they have to be yellow", Penn asked. "yes Sir" was the reply, "Mickey would like it even better if they were yellow because he had a yellow sweater". "Are these for a funeral?" the florist asked quietly. The boy nodded. The girl then turned to keep back the tears. "She's his sister", the boy explained, "He was a good kid - a truck - yesterday - he was playing in the street, we saw it happen".
Then the other boy added, "Us kids took up a collection. We got eighteen cents." Touched by the story of the "committee", Penn replied, "I have some nice yellow roses here that i'm selling for eighteen cents a dozen". "Gee those would be swell!", exclaimed one of the boys. "Mickey would like those", the other confirmed. "I'll make up a nice spray", the sympathetic florist promised, "with fens and ribbons". "Where shall i send them?". "Would it be right Mister, if we took 'em now". added one of the boys, "we'd kinda like to take 'em over and give 'em to Mickey ourselves. He'd like it better that way." Penn accepted the eighteen cents.
The committee now carrying the kind of flower "Mickey would like" walked out of the shop. Yeah, the story ends here, did you enjoy the piece.
One of the problems our society today, is the scarcity and lack of good friends. For friendship to work at the end, the parties involved must understand that there has to be much forgiving if we want to get, keep our friends.
I will highlight some facts about friendship 'cause am not gonna do an all exposing facts or write up about friendship, but i hope the little one i will write will help somebody out there.
- Success in life depends on the support and help of other people.
- Building successful relationships demands hard work.
- There is need for constant work on relationships.
- To gain friends, become interested in other people instead of trying to make them interested in you.
- Talk with a close friend about your cares and worries. it helps.
- With good friends, it will be possible to disagree and still be agreeable.

Points on how to make friends:
- be likeable
- take the initiative
- get the other persons name right and let them get yours as well.
- don't expect anyone to be perfect
- find qualities to admire in the person
- practice conversation
- practice been courteous at all times

Points on how to build friendship:
- develop an attitude of acceptance
- develop mutual attraction
- develop genuine opneness
- develop appreciation and enjoyement

The points i made above will take me quite much time to explain, that is why i just listed them out here. I hope they help.
There are certain characters you making the friends need to imbibe as well viz:
- learn to stand alone when your friend is out, maybe due to one circumstance or the other
- learn to sometimes say 'no' (disagree sometimes and still be agreeable)
- learn to stay away from the quick tempered, the disloyal, the self-indulgent and the discontented. Don't say no to friendship because of what might have happened in the past because your friends are the ones that will always get your back at rough and tough times.

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Happy Soaring!!


  1. Turn Up Turn up Ladies and gentle men.. I am first to comment. :) Chukwuma baba, the great Alphasoar, how art thou sir? I greet you sir. Mehn i have to say that the story above was quite touchy, and to the imaginary character that went to the flower store, i duff my cap in respect. its funny how our lives can at a time become so intertwined with that of another, and i believe that thats what true friendship is, knowing the other person intoto as in deep in.

    However Oga boss, permit me to say that I am not a believer in friendship, not to say that I have none, but to say that I have been dealt a hard blow by many, that I have found the word friendship to be a tad over rated, more like the word sex. But that is not to say that there are no true friends out there, cause even in the scarcity of gold, there was still gold in California during the cold rush :).

    Your points above are quite dope and very valid, in short they are true in all sense of the word, but one thing I have learnt is be my self, and who will like you will like you. Cause at the end, if we become someone else to become another persons friend, we will be unable to keep up with the charade and script for too long. a popular quote goes: How can I love you for who you are when you became someone else to be with me? Its that simple in my Young and Confused eyes sir. Cheers Oga Boss. :)

  2. Lol @ first to comment. Ok am gonna put ya name in the Alphasoars blog book of records ooo.
    I love ya comment YnC Captain, sometimes we tend to relax on friendship issues, myself inclusive, Y? because of the back handed slap we get from the one we put our hearts on as friends. But i don't think it would do us good to generalise that aspect, because for everything that has merits also enjoys its own phases of demerits.

    Sir Duru, i think there is need to give friendship a second chance to perfect its purpose in our lives. There is need for friendship bro because, Two Are Better Than One!!!

    Thanks for touching our lives on Alphasoars Blog through your frequent visits, please do visit again, Jah bless!!!

  3. Nice write up but I doubt if dere are still friends like dat anywhere around...we'll keep looking!

    1. you are gonna find one bro.

      Thanks for coming around!

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  5. Sodiq, there are still friends like that around, I am blessed with them. Not much but few that bless my life in no small measure.
    Don't give up, be open, be likeable, be a friend too and you will attract your kind :-)

    1. I believe you, i'll b a friend 2, tank u!

    2. Yes Frances, its just for one to be open minded. Because you either attract them or you chase them away by your disposition.

      Thanks for coming around, you do us honour!

  6. Thanks Ella, welcome to the Alphasoars blog.


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