Friday, 5 December 2014

Impeccable timing Your Majesty!!!

Today's post is my own little way of saying Happy New (I hope late entry would be accepted) Month, Merry Christmas and New Year in advance. I know i have not made a post like this since the inception of this blog.
The statement on the post header was made by zazzu after he was swallowed by scar and the king appears been the brother to scar and the statement made by the king was "Scar, drop him!". And the one swallowed, zazzu made that statement 'impaccable timing your majesty' as scar quickly drops him. it is a cartoon movie with title LION KING, i know must of us have watched that cartoon presentation like me. That cartoon is one i will call an addict for me, always watching it.
With this am just saying to you that before the end of the year, God will not be late in coming to meet you and drop those handful of blessings which he has preserved for you since the beginning of the year. He will not be late in coming to your rescue.

Thanks again for been by me on this Blog since last year. Thanks for reading and do visit again!!!

Happy New Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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