Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Understanding the Possibilities of Working with your sub-conscious mind

Hy Alphasoars, I hope you guys enjoyed the previous posts on our Checkpoint sections. More two posts are coming up on that section soonest. Today i will be talking about something else but significant in our everyday pursuit as we soar high.
Have you wondered why two are always better than one? Have taken a careful look at the importance of working with your inner man? We always want to have success in our everyday lives as we soar high but most of the times we neglect the second person that resides in us. The second person am talking about is the sub-concious mind. The place where all the thoughts that make up the man are processed. As you seek to attain greater heights in life there is need to work in partnership with the sub-concious mind. We must let him understand what and where we are going to. How do you do that?

This can be done through what is called Autosuggestion. Autosuggestion is the ability of our human person to relate with the sub-concious mind through the five sense organs. There is high need to let our subconcious mind be informed of our DESIRES because the pushing that comes to us to achieve those DESIRES comes from the sub-concious mind. In terms of relating to our sub-concious mind through Autosuggestion, understand that this is not done once. Your sub-concious mind could be, permit me to say, a dummy at first. This means that you must not relent in talking to your subconcious mind everyday. let me take you through this. Let's say you want to build a house in the next five years. How then do your sub-concious mind come in terms with this?
1. You make a note that reads like this, 'i will build a house in the next five years and . . .' The list could involve other things. It could be long or short as the case may be depending on your aspirations.
2. You make sure that every day you wake up, you recite what you have written ALOUD to yourself before you go out and recite it again to yourself in the evening before going to bed.
3. It must be done constantly as I told you that the man inside may be dummy at first but constantly repeat it to yourself everyday.

Each day people talk about mental power. This is not been just been sane and walking on the streets but IT IS THE ABILITY TO INFLUENCE ONE'S SUBCONCIOUS MIND. 
What your mind can conceive you can achieve!!!

What do think of this, let me know using the comment box.

Happy Soaring!!!

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