Monday, 1 December 2014

Alphasoars Checkpoint: Be Smart! Don't Start!!!

How Smart are you when you tackle some issues. You feel like ‘men, am a genius’. Then sit back and let’s discuss on what makes you smarter, a more ‘guru like’ if you standout. It’s all about drugs. Most young people these days are prone to taking or experimenting with drugs. And many reasons are been seen as catalysts for these involvements. 
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Depression. You see, there are lots of reasons out there but I see this as the most prominent and pronounced reason for experimenting of drugs by young minds. 

There are certain levels of depression that are acceptable to the young people but when it gets to long term depression which may arise due to certain issues such as, one being confused on certain issues, some one on a cross roads and stretching out hands longing for help and the help is not reachable or many an individual who has been jilted by someone dear, say close friends, associates or lover. When this happens, the overboard lyrics that quickly registers as that of depression that does not have a coordinated tone is ‘look for a stimulant’, ‘take some beer to get high’, ‘no reason to struggle’, ‘it will make you feel better’.

Peer pressure. Many of us young people do not understand the influence our friends could have on us – it could be positive or negative. If your friends are those that take hard substance or alcohol, you will discover that within some times of interaction with them you’ll be pressured to ‘taste’ such substances.
Another reason could be parenting style. There are some young people who their parents failed to give them the needed parental care, the needed loving and caring environment and they at some point in their lives begin to feel lonely and hopeless and at this point they tend to consult the table of drugs.
There are more reasons why youths could engage in drugs but I’ve got to stop here. What are the resulting consequences then? I can tell you they are numerous. Some include divorce, job instability, unhappy lives and unhappy relationships.
If you are a parent, check this statistics. It reads that before a girl who had her way in school gets out of high school, there is
-         85% she will experiment with alcohol
-         57% she will try and illicit drug
-         33% she will smoke hard substances on occasions
-         33% she will get drunk at least once a month
-         25% she will smoke marijuana regularly.
What a stats. Drugs are for losers my dear but you own your life and I urge you to fight this drug battle and when you win then you can boldly call yourself a ‘guru’ or a smart guy.
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Let’s talk a little about suicide. With the recent study, we have this stats
-         There has been 200% increase in youth suicide
-         Suicides now overtakes road accidents for male youths.
-         7,000 years of life are lost each year to suicide
-         It is a leading cause of death for males between 15 to 24 years.
And many reason stand dazzling why young minds think of committing suicide to end their lives.
-         Family abuse – this could be sexually, physically or emotionally. There was this case of suicide I heard of about a girl who was in a university in the country and the guy she dated before and they separated organized some boys and they abused her and raped her. Later on, the news was heard that she committed suicide. Why. She couldn’t stand the emotional trauma due to her been assaulted physically and sexually.
-         Unemployment can as well lead to one thinking of the act.
-         Depression and substance abuse can cause suicidal attempts.
Alphasoars, I’ve got a lot to do in this life, why think of suicide? And same to you. I know you can manage that company, drive that plane, write that book, organize those seminars and produce those things on your mind, why think of suicide.
Lets soar together, but not with drugs. Drugs gives temporary relief, afterwards your sorrow multiplies.
I urge you, Be Smart, Don’t Start!!!

Happy soaring.

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