Saturday, 29 November 2014

Huuuuurrrrrrraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy. . . And Its One Year of Blogging

Yessssss, and to day Alphasoars Blog is one year old. (looking at the milkish teeth and touching it). yeah, like seriously?
November 29 witnessed my first post on blogosphere. Though i came newly to this village, i have seen quite a number of things around, met a few number of persons, got inspired by some great minds. Yes i made it, NO, you did it, yes you reading all my posts. I wanna appreciate you guys very wonderflously because if not because of YOU, i for don stop this blogging thing teyyyy teeyyyy. No be now. I will be wondering, why will i write and there is nobody out there to read, men its a lot of crazyness. But despite my inadequacies and some blunders i make here you still come around to read all my posts. Bless you...*Pastor mode.

and few colleagues in this village that inspire me. Duru is one. I met him recently and his team of confused minds somewhere in this village figuring out where they come from and where they are going especially as it concerns our daily EMOTIONS and ASPIRATIONS.
Yeah, before i forget, i gat a story about the name Duru. yeah, the first time  i landed on YnC, i looked back (literally). why? because i couldn't forget so soon what ma mama did to me when i was a kid 'cause of Mr. Duru in my village. Listening? for the story? Don't worry i'll tell you that story, God willing.
Sam Idongesit is also one in a million, thanks man. I really appreciate your zeal as an IT Wizard trying to put one or two things in place and in so doing inspiring me. You too much.
Kind greetings to Mr CY, alias Mr. Lecturer, my former Manager and special greetings to Richard Adoge, peace Johnson, Ahaba Godwin, Chimburuoma ogbom you guys are a blessing, thanks a lot. Special thanks to Almighty God for this blog.

Keep reading, keep visiting and hey don't rush out of here without commenting, lol.


  1. Congratulations Oga boss.. Wow!! 1 year?! thats no small thing ooo.. All i can ask of GOD on your behalf is that the kind reason for which you started blogging will be achieved, and that when this blog is over, you will achieve full greatness. You Rock oga boss, thanks for the mention. heheheh when ever i receive shout outs on ghen ghen blogs like yours sir, I feel like a boss, thanks. I dedicate this award to Congrats sir. :)

    1. That again for coming around. it feels good to have you on board here. Amen to your prayers. Thanks again for coming around, Jah bless!!!!!!!!


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