Tuesday, 20 January 2015


All haill Alphasoars . . .

I want to apologise for the break in blogging.

Am sorry it starts on my part this way in this new year but I hope to be back in few days (or week).

Thanks YnC Captain for checking, am doing good bro.

Your presence makes us feel honoured here on Alphasoars @ Janyl Benyl. Thanks for coming around. A very big congrats on your graduation from school.

To all bloggers who come around, thanks to you all and all my honourable silent readers, I say Jay bless.

Thanks to everyone.


  1. **waves** It's been a while papi...

  2. Always a honor oga boss.. Thanks for the mention, you humble us beyond words.. Please check this out sir, it will be fun and i dont wanna be the only male in the challenge. **Shines teeth so will you join a brother?! Pretty please?!. http://www.janylbenylshares.com/2015/01/replay-its-15-for-15-challenge.html#comment-form

  3. Bia Oga Alphasoar.. We hail you too oh! In short we over Hail you sef.. **Hafa nah chief of staff, Where art thou sir?!

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  5. Haba Brother, where you dey nah?! We miss you mehn! :(

  6. I will never let you go.. Unless you update ya blog.. :( I will drop a comment every week till you come back sir.. Why do us like this fa?!


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