Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ke Kwanu?????????

                                           All hail Alphasoars . . .

                     Ke Kwanu!!


How has everyone been? I know that by the special grace of Allah, I deserve a resounding kick-slap, knock-slap and all worth not. But thanks be to the Almighty God who saved me from rigorous slaps and endless kicks from 'kind' Alphasoars.

I deserve to be flogged but I believe with your church mind you can forgive me.
A lot of things has happened during this short while and you know i never have had peace of mind all this while, knowing fully well that there are Honourables, kings and Queens, Gentlemen and Ladies who in no doubt have been checking around for what went wrong. It wasnt really my making, but I believe that i will serve you better as I battle my return leg over here. Still battling coz' i never can fully whole heartedly tell you guys that am back to stay. I enjoyed blogging to the fullest as my 'hubby'. Even at that, you shouldn't worry about anything because if the time of this blog is finally over, i will still do, 'the departure post'.

First of all, i want to heartily apologise to the greatest blogger friend Duru. My broGGER friend invited me to join in in the ongoing 15 For 15 Challenge. I am apologising for not accepting to join. So sad! But i hope to make it up, dunno how, but maybe next time i will honour ya invite. This broGGER has had my itching back, i mean he carried his bed and put on my fallen back, gosh!! and you know, i wasnt hurt at all. Thanks bro.

I wanna thank all blogging paddies who loved me and the blog for the way we just dey!!!

Special shout out to the following bloggers, Tibs Tells Tales. She one of the best bloggers on blogsville and I mean she is just awesome like that. Wishing her Darlin' Hubby, Oga Mofaya happy birthday in arrears.

Frances, she is Duru.'s voice, one of the gehn gehn bloggers in this Villa. Her blog has been a place where i get muchspiritual insight into knowing understanding my place of placement by God.

Special thanks to all those who have visited Alphasoars blog -

Jennifer of, Janyl of Ritah Nakyeyune of Uncle Sodiq and all who never commented. Jah bless.

By the way, where are all the Geminis in the house. Hold it tight, it happening on 11th of June. If I couldn't blog on this day, please pardon me.

Thanks you for the past 7 minutes **winks at Duru, you guys are why we sit in front of this screen. Thank you very much for the forgiveness you've granted this boy!!!


  1. Mmmmmmmaaaaaaa Nigggaaaaa.. hehehehehhe My guy My guy.. Elenkemeghani sir?! Choi! this post reach to go give testimony for sHhursch oh.. Asin all those Ppppprrraaaiiisseeee tha lawdd kinda testimoy..... umu chineke eh! hehehehe **in 's voice yeah.. Oh my days.. Guy! hafa you nah?! Nawa to you oh! Where did you go to lati aro?! You nearly gave us your fans a heart attack.. Whoa! i beg you in the name of Erniesha, dont do us like this again nah. heheheh You know yeah.. The last time you blogged, an iPhone 4S was the biggest phone on earth.. hehehehhehehe Welcome back ma Brover.. Its good to know that you thought of us all the while..

    Yyyyaaaaaayyy June the 7th ba?! Turn uP! Turn uP! Ladies and Gentlemen.. We gonna paRRy hard?! We we gonanna paRRy hard... and the crowd goes.. Yyyyyeeaaahh mehn! be safe mehn.. Cheers..

    1. Greatest blogger ke?! lati bo?! Ebe?! Who?! me?! iPray oh! Guy biko use your conscience dey wash me nah.. Aha! See as you wash your boy with Ariel and you no come rinse me on top.. heheheh i dedicate the ghen ghen mention above to as mama lit the match that set our confusions on fire... Inshort After Buhari na Osinbanjo.. After Osinbanjo na you.. **Raises up hands in respect. Twale baba...

  2. After Osinbajo, 16 yrs . . . Haba, i don grow white moustache by then, lol.

    We started receiving the following for my birthday
    iphone 6
    suv, latest version
    house at lekki . . .


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