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Alphasoars Healthcheck: Cosmetics and Personal Care

This time on our healthcheck section, we shall look at cosmetics, what it entails and personal care as regards to our body. Over the years, much has been done in research as to produce what could be used to manage the earth that we put on – our body.

A great need for discernment comes in as these products come in their numbers almost on daily basis. What do you discern? You discern to determine which of these products suits your skin, which won’t be of adverse effects as you use it on your body. The body is a delicate piece of material that is more fragile that the Chinese glass cups we have in our houses.
How do we care for our body then, stands tall before our eyes as question that demands urgent attention and answer as the days in which we live runs as a speeding rocket sent to the moon.
A general name is given to these products, Cosmetics.
So what then are cosmetics? Cosmetics are substances that are made up of chemical combinations which are used to apply on the body to enhance the appearance or the smell of the human body. Cosmetics deal with the technique involved in the pattern of dress and ornament. The reason or reasons for the application of cosmetics are not far reached, they include for the changing of one’s appearance, for beauty, for attractiveness or for the tuning of one’s body smell. Cosmetics used in recent times include, body lotions, powder, perfumes, creams, eye make-ups, lips and nail enhancers, deodorant, hair gels amongst others.
Generally, before one begins to use a particular product as a cosmetics on the body, there is need to fully understand the class or group the skin of that individual falls into. There are many types of skins. The use of skin products are becoming rampant in our days now as most of the people using them do not care about the effect a particular product could have on their skins when applied. In the nineteenth century, Queen Victoria frowned at the use of cosmetics for individuals with exception for actors and actresses.

Let’s now know some of the types of skins that we have. Skin types are basically four in number, which are Dry skin, Oily skin, Normal skin and Combinations skin. The normal skin is one that is smooth having a balance between oil and moisture content. The skin is neither dry nor greasy in nature. The oily skin is one that witnesses over secretion of the sebum. This type of skin has high tendency of getting dirt most times as it’s greasy nature magnates and traps dust from the surroundings of the individuals. Anyone with this type of skin is prone to spot and pimple around the body. It requires the use of non oil creams to take care of it. Dry skins in their cases, the sebum produces little or no moisture content on the skin causing the skin to be dry. This type of skin is very much prone to wrinkles and pimples and lines. Finally, the combination skins, they combine the characteristics of the oil and dry skins. The oily parts are noticed at the forehead, nose and chin while the dry side is seen at the eyes and mouth sides.

Personal care for the skin.
Cleaning. The skin needs be cleansed once or twice for oily ones. Before make-ups are applied to the skin, proper cleaning should be done. Many people due to ‘I’m late for appointment’ wouldn’t mind. They will just heap new make-ups on old ones which is not hygienically ideal for the skin and health.
Adding of moisturizers. Moisturizers need be applied to the skin to avoid skin dryness mostly by those that have the dry skin type. But in all, the four skin types require moisturizers. You are required to adequately consider the content of the body of the container of the cosmetics you are about to apply to really determine if it’s for your skin.
Caring for the skin as well involves protecting the skin from sun burns by using sun burn protectors and wearing of sunscreen can also help the skin maintain proper shades.
Check yourself in which group you fall and determine the best care your need at the moment. Sometimes, improper or inadequate care are not given to the body by some individuals and this has a very negative impact in your everyday interaction with people. When the body is not taken care of properly, you can be generous enough to have body odour which you might not want to have at the moment. This is a disease and a bad sickness. When your body has that awful smell, you become a repel agent. Take care of your skin, asin right now!!!

Let’s do Bleaching!
Only you can determine what you want to do with your body. But as concerning bleaching, if you are in it already I think you’ve got to give it a rethink. Bleaching tends to destroy some skin pigments and when this is done, the colour of your skin begins to look like that of coke on the right side and fanta on the left side. But this is not just the major problem with bleaching. The problem most people have not noticed is that, once you begin to use bleaching creams, your body becomes stitch-less, i.e. the tendencies of your body growing back together in the case of wound becomes almost impossible.
Let’s say, you got a cut or skin burn and it requires the medical experts to stitch, I mean sew your body together, your body may not be able to stitch together or heals as every part of your skin minds his or her business. Instead of healing, the body wound tends to increase more. This is not to put fear in you, but I think if you’ve done this, visit your doctor and discuss with him.
#Just my opinion.

This is what my small mind can conceive at the moment; please you can use the comment box to add other things. My hands are hurting too much on this keypad, so I’ve got to relieve it a bit.

Thanks for reading!

#aside: do you know that if you get a polar bear’s heart and consumes it all, you might risk death due to excess Vitamin A?

Happy Soaring!!!


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